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The BBC is an incredibly important, publicly funded British institution that has given fandom so many gems over the years. Big fandoms, like Doctor Who and Sherlock, owe their big production and talent base to the BBC. Small gems, Merlin, The Three Musketeers, Atlantis, are what they are because the BBC can make small shows enjoyed by those who love them. The BBC also makes Radio 1, which gave us Nick Grimshaw & the Breakfast Show, Dan and Phil’s album show, lots of British youtubers bigger audiences and a lot more.

Currently, the BBC Charter, which lays out how the BBC is run, what kind of shows it can make and importantly, where it gets it’s funding from, is currently under review by a Conservative government that seems determined to cut itss funding and capabilities to provide quality broadcasting and information services to the UK and abroad!

Here are some links to articles about the threat to the BBC:
The Independent
The Guardian

There has already been the beginnings of a defence of the BBC, from big names in the UK and from the BBC itself:

The BBC has always been supportive of fan communities. They’re active at ComicCon and in other fan spaces, are grateful to ficcer and fanartists for their engagement and don’t come after creative fans for their content. These reforms are about money and power but the BBC has always been about passion and creativity, just like fandom.

What can I do to help?

1. Tweet using the #BackTheBBC hashtag, talking about why you love the BBC or the content the BBC produces. If you have a tumblr, reblog this post.

2. Sign an online petition. Here’s one here, to get you started at 38 Degrees:

3. Join in on a joint letter from overseas fans explaining to the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport why the BBC reflects highly on Britain and is a positive force in the world! link to help draft and sign up here: Google Form

4. Share pro-BBC media with your followers! Tweet about the threat to the BBC, share videos like this one: What Has The BBC Ever Done For Us or this one: For All Of Us and make sure your followers know that their favourite content might be under threat! Fandom is all over the world, and getting the word out is important.

5. Encourage your British followers to write to their representatives in Parliament! You can send your MP an email here: or can write a personalised email after finding the contact details for your MP here:

6. You can also respond to the government’s public consultation of the BBC’s charter here:
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memory challenge_thumb

I was tagged by [ profile] jamie15 so here goes!

1. War Horse by Michael Murpurgo

2. Wild Magic II: Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce

3. George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

4. Sir Thomas Smith 'De Republica Anglorum'

5. Remember Me by Lesley Pearce

6. Is The Hunt for Red October a book? It's the only one I can think of and I haven't read it.

7. My old copy of Snow White and other fairy stories

8. I am stumped, pass!

9. Jane Eyre

10. Little Women
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Well this is awkward.

Last month, archaeologists announced a stunning find: a completely sealed tomb cut into the rock in Tuscany, Italy.

The untouched tomb held what looked like the body of an Etruscan prince holding a spear, along with the ashes of his wife. Several news outlets reported on the discovery of the 2,600-year-old warrior prince.

But the grave held one more surprise. A bone analysis has revealed the warrior prince was actually a princess, as Judith Weingarten, an alumna of the British School at Athens noted on her blog.

Initially, the lance suggested the skeleton on the biggest platform was a male warrior, possibly an Etruscan prince. The jewelry likely belonged to the second body, the warrior prince’s wife.

But bone analysis revealed the prince holding the lance was actually a 35- to 40-year-old woman, whereas the second skeleton belonged to a man.

Given that, what do archaeologists make of the spear?

"The spear, most likely, was placed as a symbol of union between the two deceased," Mandolesi told Viterbo News 24 on Sept. 26.

Weingarten doesn't believe the symbol of unity explanation. Instead, she thinks the spear shows the woman's high status.

As the article says - the danger of gendered assumptions ;) Source and pics are HERE
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Can we say 'stampede at the stage door' anyone?


Jul. 21st, 2013 11:37 am
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We need to discuss my immense love for Tom Hiddleston who appeared IN CHARACTER as Loki at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday to introduce a new trailer for Thor 2. I think we can safely say that if Tom or Loki ever tried to conquer the Earth for real this footage suggests he wouldn't have too much trouble :D

Kevin Feige is introduced as “the master of nerd puppetry” by moderator Chris Hardwick. Asked what he has in the works, Feige says: “Well, we have a movie called Thor: The Dark World.”

A boom! And then total darkness as the billboard-sized screen in 6,000-seat Hall H goes blank.

“Humanity … look how far you’ve fallen. Lining up in the heat … chattering together in the dark … LIKE BEASTS!!!”

Aaand LIGHTNING FLASH as Tom Hiddleston appears in character as Loki.

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Today I went to the gorgeous Montacute House in Somerset with my mum and we had a really lovely day. We even attempted a celebrity selfie in the gardens XDDD I think we look very glamorous.

Copy of IMG_8489

The house was so beautiful though. We went there in the winter to see the gardens but this time we got to go around the house as well. It was built in the later 16th century and has a 150ft long Long Gallery with some incredible Tudor and Jacobean portraits on loan from the National Gallery in London.


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Bessyboo just linked this on twitter and I laughed for about five minutes straight. Does this man have the best opening paragraph on any wikipedia entry or what??

amazing wikipedia entry
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I was very sad to read about the death of Professor Mick Aston last night, famous of course for his role in Time Team on channel 4 but also my home county's first County Archaeologist (Somerset) and a lecturer at Bristol University, as well as the author of many brilliant books on archaeology. I used 'Landscape of Towns', which he edited, heavily for the medieval chapters of my PhD.

Francis Pryor, a fellow Time Team alumni, has left a short but lovely tribute here with a great last photograph, and Dr Phil Harding, also from Time Team as well as Wessex Archaeology speaks about him in this BBC article.

Professor Aston left Time Team under something of a cloud, but he explained his reasons very eloquently here and clearly shows his passion for his subject.

Here he is with some of the Time Team crew


Sir Leon!

Jun. 17th, 2013 12:34 pm
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Keeping up a long established sibling tradition, my brother went to the London Expo this weekend and attended the Merlin retrospective panel and the two Teen Wolf panels for me :) I thought I'd post a few of his pics from the Merlin one here.

He said Tom and Alex were really funny and nice and that Tom told a story about Bradley playing a prank on him on set. Apparently they all used to eat cereal bars on set to keep them going but Tom was notorious for forgetting his. On the one day he actually remembered, Bradley collected up loads of empty wrappers from everyone else and spread them all over his dressing room so he'd think they'd all been eaten. Tom said he went mad - because no-one gets between him and his food XD


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Check out this horrendous advert from an Australian news channel about ladies who dare not to want children. (thanks to [ profile] dingogrrl for the link. Wow. The sinister voice over really gives it that extra something. I sense some highly selective editing going on here in the quotes used...

LINK (because the embed won't work)
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Today in The World's Most Unfortunate Misunderstandings: This report from a meeting of the Womens' Institute that was just tweeted by @SimonNRicketts

somali pirates

It probably says something about my family that we all pretty much died laughing at that. That poor poor man.

ETA: A news report about it!
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The shameful moment you discover your 11 year old self's diary and all your delusions about being a young Anne Shirley disappear into the ether.

“Today I had Tech. I finished my fabric roll. I told Becky I fancied Gary and she spread it. I hate her, she said it doesn’t matter. It seems I’ll never be happy”

“Today we had Tech. I hired out a book called Hitler”

“Today we did the play and Gary wrote in my notepad. I framed his writing”

“Today Kim brought Toby the dog round and he weed on the kitchen floor. Me and Kim went for a walk”

“Today I made some biscuits. They were like glue but they tasted ok”

“Today I dropped my dinner all over the floor. I wish I wasn’t such a pratt and more like kim still I am what I am”

“Today we had art. I’m doing a jungle picture. So far I have drawn 1 plant and a tiger’s head”

“I spose you must get fed up of me waffling on about boys, diary, but if you had the choice of boys we have you would too (damn i’ve run out of space)”

“Today I watched a new tv series called Sharpe. A young boy was hanged for stealing a chicken!!! Thats so wrong”

“Today I hired out My Girl 2. I am in love with Austin O’Brien, he is so lush”

“Today I had tech, I saw Adam on the way back and tried to walk normly but slipped over :(“

“Today I jumped Molly. I turned her for the jump and she cantered really fast but this time I was expecting it and over she went. I jumped about 6 times. bye”

“Today I forgot my daps for games”

“I think my eye infection is clearing up”

Oh dear.
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Hello all! I'm hoping someone might be able to help. An American friend of mine on twitter is thinking of moving to the UK and has asked me a few questions about the country and attitudes towards immigrants etc. Obviously I can give my own opinions on some of it, but I wondered if anyone on my flist would have a better perspective. I have never lived in London so I don't really have a clue about costs besides it probably being very expensive, or where the best areas to live would be for that matter. Also any thoughts about British attitudes towards Americans moving here would be appreciated. I feel like any negative attitudes would be muted in London anyway - since it's such a huge melting pot of a city.

- Will being American cause a lot of trouble when I try to apply for jobs, look for housing, or just cause any major problems all-around besides those two I listed?

- Is it difficult to find an apartment, and around how much will rent be? I'll likely be getting a studio apartment. Additionally, I ask this question even though it's a bit broad because I hope that if I move to England I could perhaps live in London, and the only city in America that I feel is our equivalent of London is New York. Over in NY, very small apartments can go for thousands rent-wise, and if you want one in a good neighborhood it costs even more. Do you know if that is what it's like in London? I don't know if you live in a house or apartment, but do you know the names of some good areas in London to get a normal studio apartment and if it would really break the bank to pay monthly rent in those neighborhoods (like around how much would it be to live there)? If those areas are pretty expensive, what are the neighborhoods that I could get a normally priced apartment and are they bad/not very good areas? I'm sorry if this question is a bit all over the place and difficult to answer so it's fine if you can't really answer it with specifics.

Any help would be very much appreciated!
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I don't know if I have anyone on my flist from Boston, but I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and well tonight.
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This tumblr has made my life - Bitchface: The Masterworks: In honor of the muses who are sick of your crap.

Basically there are snarky subtitles on historic paintings and some of them are TOO FUNNY.

Check out fandom - as depicted in 19th century art XD

bitchface tumblr

For more ridiculous paintings see the ugly renaissance babies tumblr ;)
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I have noticed that I have a few fans or potential fans of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw on my flist, and as a result I was inspired to make a quick guide to the team.

It then took on a life of its own.... Sorry everyone XD

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Tonight, a link to a gruesome and yet strangely entertaining top ten at the Smithsonian Magazine.

Top Ten Afterlife Journeys of Notable People

Did you know, for example, that Thomas Paine's body was dug up and kept in a trunk? Or that someone tried to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln? What about Napoleon Bonaparte's genitals that ended up at a public auction in 1916?

A bit grisly to read, but very interesting all the same!
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Posting this because it amused me :D

The gorgeous and charming James McAvoy was on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning (being gorgeous and charming and generally a fanboy of the show - which I approved of).

Here is Nick Grimshaw's reaction to talking to James McAvoy.

Grimmy and pen

I think we've all been there, Grimmy <3
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[ profile] jelazakazone just linked this on her LJ and just watch it. It's a tribute vid for Merlin as a whole and it has BLOWN ME AWAY.

Just watch!

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