Oct. 24th, 2011 11:51 pm
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No story spoilers!

I just got back from seeing Tintin and it was wonderful! I have been looking forward to it for ages, but I admit my knowledge of Tintin is pretty small. In the end, I'm glad I went in blind because the film told me everything I needed anyway and because I didn't know any spoilers I got caught up in the story straightaway and was on the edge of my seat for some parts. The animation is absolutely beautiful. I know people worry about it being all a bit 'uncanny valley' as they say, but it really wasn't. There were some shots where I was just gaping at how lifelike Tintin looked, right down to the fine hairs on his face and the emotion came through so well. I think the decision to animate it like this was so right, it will never date and it's a complete world in itself, like ours but not and anyway, who could you cast for someone as iconic as Tintin? As it was, there were moments where you could really SEE Jamie Bell, but mostly Tintin was his enthusiastic, brave and brilliant self <3 I think I developed a crush on him actually. The humour is spot on too, and the settings are AMAZING, like Indiana Jones or those old 1930s adventure films (as they should be). Snowy was a bit of a star <3 I wish my dog was as usefull!!

My favourite bit was the whole first scene, it fits in a lovely tribute to Herge and introduces Tintin and his quiff and Thomson and Thompson brilliantly.

I want to go on a crazy adventure now and unearth a mystery and follow the trail all over the globe! I would need to renew my passport first though...
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Just posted by Simon Pegg on twitter with the tagline "The security at the #Tintin premiere weren't a bit unfriendly" :D :D

I don't know, don't think I'd want to face them if I'd accidentally worn trainers.

I should be going to see it tomorrow, just as long as I'm brave enough to do the driving needed BY MYSELF ::bites nails::
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In happier news, check out all these AMAZING new Tintin videos! Warnings for film spoilers of course.

I am so impressed with the work they all put in and how hard some of this must have been to film, with nothing but wire props and a big empty room.

First the links to the film clips!

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Scans of the Tintin article in this month's Empire Magazine! For [livejournal.com profile] jamie15 :D

Jamie Bell sounds very dedicated to his art, but this is why I love him <3

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