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I thought I should finally do my Island post, since I was talking about it just last night AND I’ve finished my bibliography corrections today (whoever thought it was a good idea to have a 37 page bibliography is a MUPPET, just saying, and yes, I do know it was me).

SPOILERS AHEAD, and some scans.

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My journey to London to see 'Much Ado About Nothing' was long, but uneventful, and it was only when I reached my hotel and was just getting settled in that I realised I might have a small problem.

They preferred the term 'stealth travellers', I preferred the term, 'evil little stowaways'.
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So, I am back from London and seeing Much Ado About Nothing. I can honestly say that was my favourite birthday present EVER and well worth not getting anything on my actual birthday in January. I was worried that something would have happened to prevent Catherine Tate or David Tennant performing, right up until the curtain went up. But nothing did and they were present and correct. I should admit first, Much Ado is my favourite Shakespeare play and I have seen it before, so I may have been biased!


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Ugh. What a long day at work! It wasn't even technically a long shift or anything, just boiling hot and then I had to go to the bank afterwards and traipsed all through town in the heat, only to realise I'd left my wallet in the car. I was not a happy bunny! I went back and got it though, and then I bought myself a strawberry tart and ate it all and didn't even care about my healthy eating plans.

ANYWAY, on to more interesting stuff :) I hope everyone has had a good week! I've mostly been working, doing thesis corrections and trying to catch up with my flist. I know I am way behind :(

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A few vague spoilers for the play!

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