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I know I said there would probably be no more Percy stories, but this little scene turned up and bashed me over the head repeatedly until I wrote it out. It has no real plot to speak of but I really hope it works alright anyway. I think this can probably be read on it’s own (the reference to potatoes harks back to Merlin being bashed with them while he was in the stocks, and Lord Wyldon is Percy’s somewhat overbearing father). But if you would like to read the previous three, they are….

 The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2 | 3

Anyway, here it is in all its rather short and plotless (and possibly a bit random) glory - huge thanks to[info]vensre, as always, for her brilliant beta work :)


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Here is the massively overdue third (and probably final) part of what’s turned into the Route to Advancement series.

I think you probably need to have read parts 1 and 2 for this last part to make sense. They are The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2

I'm relieved to say this has now been beta'd by [ profile] vensre — who has found all my missing commas, introduced me to the em-dash, pointed out my glaring continuity errors and staged an intervention between me and the ellipsis. I continue to be hugely grateful for her help! :)

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[ profile] vensre  - thank you so much!


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My second Merlin story! This idea just appeared in my head randomly and then had to be written, I think this is what comes of reading about early modern courts and 'advancement' and getting the ear of the King etc. Anyway here it is.

Now beta'd by the wonderful [ profile] vensre - all remaining mistakes are of course my own! Also posted at merlinxarthur.



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