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Spotted on, all the way from 1942.

To make this less bizarre, I have decided Wonder Woman is just shoving that letter aside, like JESUS STEVE, NOT NOW, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M AT WORK. Because she takes her work seriously, dammit, and she's not marrying someone who still calls her Wonder Woman.
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Episode 11 is called 'The Hunter's Heart'

Wait, wait, I think I've read this one already...

Legal assistant Victoria Cameron is delighted when she is hired to work with the wealthy Hunter O'Hare at his castle home, but her job soon becomes both a dangerous search for a would-be killer and a stormy affair of the heart.

But then Merlin doesn't have anyone CALLED Hunter, so it's more likely to be this,

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Some Tuesday morning amusement for you from Smart Bitches Read Trashy Novels.

Today I was reading about the Joys of Metaphor in their (brief) review of the wonderfully titled Walkin Dusty Roads, and yes, in case you were wondering, the hero's name IS 'Dusty Roads.' Whether the heroine 'walks' him or not is something I do not wish to speculate on.

Here is my favourite quote :D

Honey would sometimes think of Dusty, and it was like she twisted a dial and opened a steel door to a safe in her heart where she kept her grandest jewels —bittersweet memories, surrounded by a poignant moat. Some were vivid as fallen red bougainvillea petals, while others drifted by aimlessly, as vague and faded as old photographs in a dark flooded cellar.

I don't know about you, but I keep all my memories behind a Poignant Moat and a Rampart of Regret, and if they persist in drifting about aimlessly I think very seriously about the effectiveness of the metaphorical steel door in my chest cavity.

And now back to work, hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

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