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Since I have branching out into Other Fandoms these past months, I thought I would link to a few fics I have enjoyed - from some pretty disparate fandoms - in case anyone else fancies a read :)

Subtle Salvation by Abyssinia (3809 words). Aliens AU! Follows on from Aliens (the second film in the series) and gives a much more satisfying account of What Happened Next to Ripley, Hicks and Newt. Not fluffy in the slightest, but still hopeful and kickass.

Love A Loathed Enemy by dollsome (1924 words). Anne of Green Gables fic that perfectly fits into canon. One afternoon, Miss Stacy has the class read some Shakespeare. Guess who end up playing Romeo and Juliet XD

The Green Blade by Verityburns (72912 words). A Sherlock fic that reads incredibly like an extra episode of the show. It’s not slashy (although you could read that into it) but it is totally engrossing, well characterised and genuinely intriguing (I thought I had guessed the serial killer, but I was wrong!). I particularly loved the characterisation of Sally Donovan.

Four Identities Susan Pevensie Never Had To Assume, and One She Might Have Chosen by Cofax (6670 words). Interesting take on the different lives Susan might have had, a mix of dark and light in these.

Untouched by Kyliselle (2500 words). A Star Trek reboot fic. Not Kirk/Spock slash, although this depicts a wonderfully warm relationship between them. It’s mostly a one shot of Spock bumping into Stonn and musing on the differences between Vulcans and Humans when it comes to touch. Has a lovely ending.

Marianne by 55anon (4686 words). Beautiful character study of Marianne from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and how she sees the people around her.

A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Gold by Etharei (114215 words). X Men AU (Charles/Erik). It’s been a while since I read this one, but I do remember that I just could not stop reading. It starts off quite interesting and then develops a hell of a plot, with secrets and lies, space battles, deposed Kings and lost cultures. It reads like a proper sci fi novel, and all the usual X Men characters turn up. Fast paced and plotty!

Mascot by dagas isa (469 words). Last but not least, a sweet little missing scene (or rather missing pov) from Tamora Pierce’s ‘Protector of the Small’ series in which Jump the dog decides he’s going to stay with Keladry after all (also features Daine, who I love!)
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For all the Merlin and Sherlock fans on my flist - you've probably read and loved the growing number of fics where Merlin and Arthur turn up at 221B Baker Street, but have you ever wondered what it might be like if Sherlock and John turned up in Camelot?? And not time travelling Sherlock and John, but full on medieval sleuths Sherlock and John. Much like making a modern re-imagining of Sherlock, only 1,400 years earlier in fact.


Instead go read [ profile] jamie15's rather wonderful How Sherlock Holmes and John Watson Met King Arthur of Camelot (and Somehow Weren't Burned at the Stake). I was lucky enough to see this as it was being written and it is effortlessly charming, funny and clever. It fits in with series 4 canon and has a PERFECT Sherlock voice. You will love him and totally imagine Benedict delivering all the lines <3

Also, OF COURSE Sherlock would deduce everyone's secrets in about a minute flat and be a total pain in the ass while doing do. He is Sherlock Holmes :D
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Hello everyone, I just just dropping in because this needs to be linked and enjoyed by lots of people :)

A few weeks ago now, [ profile] fuluoliang commented on my Meeting the Minister story (the one where Merlin is the Minister for Magic and Arthur is the new Muggle PM) and asked if I'd mind them doing some art work for it. Obviously my response was PLEASE DO and they drew these absolutely adorable pieces of art, of Minister Merlin and his pocket watch and then (brace yourselves) Minister Merlin with shades of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. It really is beyond cute and I love it, seeing them has really cheered me up this evening. Please comment there (rather than here) if you love it too, so [ profile] fuluoliang will get to see it.

Minister Merlin and Prime Minister Arthur - cuteness alert!

Vid Rec!

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:59 pm
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For anyone on my flist who hasn't already seen this via twitter or over at [ profile] hermette's journal, this Merlin/Arthur video is STUNNING. It's completely A/G free (in case you're worried) and is just All M/A, All The Time, and shows why they are so completely necessary to each other <3 What's even better is that none of the shots even needed to be cleverly edited to be about Merlin and Arthur, they really do have that many moments :)

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Thank you to everyone for all the sympathy. I'm feeling better tonight, after another wobbly morning. Cramps are sent by the devil, along with Piers Morgan and spiders.

ANYWAY, in better news I have a few links and a funny vid to share on this lovely Friday evening.

First, a couple of recs. These are both short fics by new Merlin authors and I really enjoyed them both and hope they will keep on writing in the fandom ::tempts them with Mini Thems holding chocolate::

Untitled Fic by [ profile] blondielox I hope she won't mind me linking this here since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that this is only their third fanfic posted, but I thought it was too lovely not to. It's a short Arthur introspection, set in canon era and with some gorgeous lines and description of his inner thoughts, all jumbled and overwhelming when it comes to a certain manservant. Also, pining!arthur will never not be adorable.

The First Dragonlord by [ profile] lewisian_gneiss and [ profile] jelazakazone. This has the summary 'How the first Dragon Lord came to be' and it is a short but haunting look into how the link between sorcerers and dragons might have begun. The imagery is beautiful and the style makes you think of myths and legend <3

Now for a couple of non-Merlin links and a funny Doctor Who video to finish!

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