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This bunny accurately depicts my current attitude to finishing my very pressing Eagle Big Bang fic. WHY CAN'T I WRITE WORDS? Yet, shockingly, I am perfectly able to read fic.


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Today is National Libraries Day in the UK. Public libraries are increasingly under fire in this country and many have already been closed as part of austerity measures - taking a valuable resource out of the community. Therefore today is a good day to remember just why they are so valuable, even in our world of broadband home internet and kindles, and why a free library service, open to all (regardless of wealth or background) is crucial to any civilised and fair society. If I can't convince you, just look at the poster :)

Also, check out the extra chapter the novelist Julian Barnes has written to his 1998 satire, 'England, England', entitled The Defence of the Book, especially for National Libraries Day.
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Hey everyone!

This was meant to be a very long and very happy post with pics and links but instead I think it will be a very short one. I promise I will do a longer one later :)

Good news: I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN. Proper internet with 5 bars of signal and everything. It makes my life so much easier, especially doing my archive course.

Bad news: My sausage dog, Holly, is really ill and won't live much longer so that's taking up all my time and attention lately. Thank you to everyone who's messaged me via twitter. I know dogs aren't people, but that doesn't mean you only love them half-heartedly (as I'm sure everyone with pets knows anyway). The whole family adores Holly (we got her in 1998 so she an old lady now!) and this whole week has been really bloody awful. I think I'm going to get a plant next time, it might not feel this horrible.

I'm going to try and catch up with some comment replies now, I am far behind (as ever) and have probably missed lots of interesting discussions. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] planejane!!!!!

Thank you for all your wonderful fics, including that one I won't mention again because I'm sure my constant fangirling of it is bordering on creepy by this point ;) even if it is my favourite modern AU of all time and perfect in every way. Whenever I see your name by a fic, I know I will enjoy every second of it.

Hope you're having a great birthday <3

Here are two pictures specially chosen from my totally-not-extensive collections...

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So far my day off is not going as planned. I feel really weird and crappy, like I still feel unreasonable amounts of rage about the Big Changes in Merlin, then I woke up at 7am and couldn't get back to sleep and lay there making up really epic and cutting speeches I would like to deliver to Johnny Capps, then I started crying in the kitchen because I couldn't find a teaspoon to get the teabag out of my mug. So I had to do it with my fingers and it bloody hurt. Also I feel really hot and like I weigh half a ton, I am all floppy.

I am beginning to suspect PMS...

I think I am going to turn off the internet today and work on my Merlin Jane Eyre instead. I've been working 6 days a week the past 2-3 weeks and I haven't had even five minutes to work on it. I haven't written ANYTHING in fact, except a Marcus/Esca fic which hasn't even made it out of my notebook yet. If I don't get on with it, it will NEVER EVER be finished and no-one will ever read it and they'll be stuck all unhappy FOREVER /melodrama. Perhaps immersing myself in M/A's epic Victorian forbidden love will make me all zen. MAYBE.

On the nicer news front, I just had a lovely comment on Knight Puppy Pile from [ profile] comcia with this adorable picture attached :D


As I replied to them: Snuggling is an important part of their early training you know ::nods:: Part one is the simple 'sleeping in groups' because that can be weird for new knights, then they move onto 'sleep etiquette' which includes how to tell someone they're snoring without hurting their knightly feelings and how to extricate yourself from unconscious cuddlers (Merlin advocates the 'Hug and Release', that way Arthur A Random Knight doesn't feel rejected but no-one gets dribbled on). Only then can they move on to the crucial Sleeping Plans.
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I just searched for 'Autumn' on google images and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Look at the beautiful old building, the haze, the slightly golden quality of the light. I just want to climb inside and stay there forever <3 <3

For those who don't know this about me already, I love Autumn and Winter. Basically from 1st September until just after Christmas, I walk around with a dopey smile on my face imagining I am in a Keats poem. This is the very best time of year coming up now. Spring - wet, post Christmas comedown etc etc, Summer - I am hot and uncomfortable, then AUTUMN - blackberry picking, Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween, advent, CHRISTMAS and in between the Christmas fairs, carnivals, crisp frosty mornings and dark evenings with the fire on, period dramas on the telly and the leaves turning. Perfect :)

I need to find some Autumn icons...
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Thank you to everyone for all the sympathy. I'm feeling better tonight, after another wobbly morning. Cramps are sent by the devil, along with Piers Morgan and spiders.

ANYWAY, in better news I have a few links and a funny vid to share on this lovely Friday evening.

First, a couple of recs. These are both short fics by new Merlin authors and I really enjoyed them both and hope they will keep on writing in the fandom ::tempts them with Mini Thems holding chocolate::

Untitled Fic by [ profile] blondielox I hope she won't mind me linking this here since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that this is only their third fanfic posted, but I thought it was too lovely not to. It's a short Arthur introspection, set in canon era and with some gorgeous lines and description of his inner thoughts, all jumbled and overwhelming when it comes to a certain manservant. Also, pining!arthur will never not be adorable.

The First Dragonlord by [ profile] lewisian_gneiss and [ profile] jelazakazone. This has the summary 'How the first Dragon Lord came to be' and it is a short but haunting look into how the link between sorcerers and dragons might have begun. The imagery is beautiful and the style makes you think of myths and legend <3

Now for a couple of non-Merlin links and a funny Doctor Who video to finish!

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I spent the afternoon in Dorset today, at the Tolpuddle Martyr's Rally, an annual trade union festival organised to commemorate the six farm labourers from the village, who in 1834 were transported to Australia for forming a friendly society to protest against the lowering of agricultural wages. At the time, their treatment created such controversy that 100,000 people marched through London to protest, organised by the fledging trade union movement, and the men were eventually pardoned.

Nowadays, the TUC (Trade Union Congress) keeps the tradition going with a festival featuring bands and singers from all over the world, political speakers, plays, stalls for all sorts of causes and lots of activities with a free rally on the Sunday (when my family usually go). It's always a great day out, very family friendly and the Sunday rally has a march through the village with all the unions proudly displaying their banners and brass bands playing, and then the General Secretary of the TUC usually speaks, along with the legendary Tony Benn (who gets a standing ovation every time) and music from Billy Bragg to finish. The festival is getting bigger and bigger every year, I think there were an estimated 10,000 people this year.

Anyway, here are some of my pictures from today, featuring Billy Bragg, some of the great banners and a funny t-shirt :D

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I have mentioned my favourite view on my way to work a few times, and today I finally had the chance to stop on the way home and take some photos of it! So here is my favourite view, for reference, looking out across the Somerset Levels to Glastonbury Tor on the horizon :) It's come out a little hazy because it was very sunny, in reality it's this whole gorgeous patchwork of fields with a church spire in the foreground.

Also, while I am here, thank you to everyone for the v-gifts! It's really cheered me up this week :) :) And in other good news, I have finally set up a voluntary work placement at an archives, starting with a three month trial and hopefully to continue one full day a week.

Hope everyone is well <3
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I'm back!

I had a lovely 2 days up North. I finished my corrections and handed them in for checking, had dinner with my friend Michelle AND watched lots of Legend of the Seeker. I really like it! I got up to the episode 'Confession' but now I'm trying to find ways of watching the rest :( We don't have Netflix here and the dvd is only available on import (which I can't play). Pants.

Also, little bro Esca fic was not updated. Woe.

In much better news, [ profile] eosrose posted a drabble anthology which she very kindly dedicated to me. There are quite a few of my favourite ficlets on there so I cannot wait to listen!!! And I also had a new LJ virtual gift from [ profile] planejane which was another lovely surprise. Obviously cheerleading her gorgeous fics is a terrible chore for us all ;) There is a reason Castleview Road is my favourite modern AU ever and never ceases to make me happy and weepy by the end (I WILL HAVE A GAME OF POOL WITH YOU MERLIN) <3

How has everyone's weekend been? Any exciting Merlin gossip? Any other Kahlen fans out there? Have Bradley and Colin been spotted kissing in a park?


Sorry, I have had some wine.

Jamie would like to apologise on my behalf with his face.

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I just spotted this sellotaped to the fridge. Sometimes my dad is ridiculous. His 'market garden' is our vegetable patch at the top of the garden, where he does in fact grow all these things. He's getting a bit keen on his gardening in his middle age ;)

I also have fond memories of 'ALAN'S NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS 2008' (Resolution one: drink less beer. Resolution two: walk to the pub further away), and the time mum asked him to 'pull the curtains' and he went over to the window and said "Hey there, I haven't seen you around before, can I buy you a drink?" and we all simultaneously eye-rolled.

I am holding out for a few of those strawberries... Or 'strawdudes' as dad likes to call them :D
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Ugh. What a long day at work! It wasn't even technically a long shift or anything, just boiling hot and then I had to go to the bank afterwards and traipsed all through town in the heat, only to realise I'd left my wallet in the car. I was not a happy bunny! I went back and got it though, and then I bought myself a strawberry tart and ate it all and didn't even care about my healthy eating plans.

ANYWAY, on to more interesting stuff :) I hope everyone has had a good week! I've mostly been working, doing thesis corrections and trying to catch up with my flist. I know I am way behind :(

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Does anyone else have people they just cannot drive in front of? I cannot drive when my parents are in the car. Not my mum on her own, she's fine, but my mum and dad definitely. I just had to give them a lift up the road in the rain and it was horribly embarrassing. There are two exits from the housing estate where I live onto the main road, one that's nice and wide and flat with good visibility and one on a hill, narrow and you can't see very far either side. GUESS WHICH ONE WE HAD TO USE TONIGHT. And it was Saturday evening rush hour traffic and pouring with rain. Ugh. It was awful. Every gear change was juddery, I rolled back on the junction, couldn't pull out for ages (even when a lorry driver stayed back for me) and then once I'd dropped them off I had to pull out into the road again and couldn't see a bloody thing and missed about four opportunities and got beeped at.

Last time I gave my dad a lift on his own I nearly ran over some poor woman on a pelican crossing because I was so busy trying to drive steady and at 30mph and not mess up my gear changes. They must wonder how I ever passed.

Excuse me while I go drink some wine. I shouldn't let this sort of thing bother me so much :( I drove all the way to my new job and back today with no problems whatsoever (about 12 miles each way) and normally I tootle around fine. Stupid modern world and its stupid cars.
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This is a bit of a multi-purpose post - real life first, then fandom :D

Warning for one series 4 spoiler from kapow.

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My best friend Becki is very jammy. She's just trailed Anthony Head around Tescos whilst doing her weekly shop with her little girl (she wasn't deliberately trailing him I should add, it's just our Tescos isn't huge. Also he lives nearby so it wasn't entirely random). Tragically, Bek doesn't watch Merlin, so she mainly knows him as the Prime Minister in Little Britain and the guy from the Gold Blend Adverts :D She seemed shocked to realise that he's (and I quote) "quite fit for an older guy" and she might also have speculated on which car was his in the car park (she's very into cars).

I started laughing on the phone at about the point she said, "but I thought that one couldn't be his because he wouldn't have a Citroen surely. I thought he'd probably have a 4x4 or something, because of his small holding. And then I realised I was being really sad and drove home before he came out of the shop and saw me lurking in my car like a stalker." :D :D :D

She did say that although lots of people apparently clocked who it was, no-one bothered him or anything so he got to shop in peace :)
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The Mini Thems send you their best wishes :D :D

I hope you are having a wonderful day!
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This is an entry of bits and pieces. First of all, I wanted to pimp this,

As always, I hope people with friends and relatives in Japan have heard good news. My brother is still in Tokyo but he's safe and in contact via the wonders of the Internet.

I've been keeping myself occupied the past few days with various things. Notably I have set up a Twitter AND a Tumblr! My Tumblr is here, and will probably be filled with the same sort of randomness as my journal, with a heavy slant towards Merlin/Arthur of course :D The background picture and the banner are both the work of Ven <3 Also, there is one NSFW fanart over there, just in case anyone is at work!

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Just a quick update before bed to say that we've heard from Richie (via Facebook, of all things) and he's made it back to Tokyo and is back in his hotel, awaiting further information. When my mum spoke to him, he hadn't heard anything about the nuclear power plant, I think he was a bit shocked! It's a big relief to hear from him though :)

Best wishes to everyone else with friends/family out there <3
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Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't replied to the replies I had to my last entry yet, I fully intend to (and I am really grateful for all the wonderful advice) but it's all been up in the air today because my brother Richie (long-suffering brother who attends all the Merlin expo panels for me and texts me info) is in Japan on holiday. We heard he was ok and just stranded somewhere at about lunchtime today, but now there is this nuclear emergency and he's only about 70 miles away from the power station. My mum and I deal with this sort of family stress is very different ways, she likes to go on and on about it and imagine worst case scenarios, I like to try and not think about it until I know anything for certain. As you can imagine, these methods do not mesh well.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that all my thoughts are with those in Japan right now, and anyone affected by it, or who has friends and family anywhere affected xx
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I just finished watching 'Marchlands' on ITV. It was the final part tonight and it turned out to be very twisty turney! My mum guessed bits of it last week but it was still a good conclusion I thought. I wish the mother could have seen Alice one last time, but I suppose it wasn't that sort of ending.

I only have one weekly TV thing left at the moment, 'South Riding' on BBC1 which is finishing this weekend. Where are all the good TV shows?? WHERE?

Whilst I'm being random, I ordered the book of Island today from Amazon, the original book of the film Colin's in next. I saw on the film website that they're planning various screenings, 'from Cambridge to Bristol' and so if they're coming to Bristol, I need to be read up and prepared! I'm not expecting Colin to turn up for any screenings or anything, but the chances of the film showing in my local Odeon are pretty slim, so a special screening may well be my only chance to see it at the cinema :) Parked sounds WAY too sad for me, just the trailer reduced me to tears and I couldn't stop being depressed about it for days. Island looks to be dark but hopefully lacking the total bleakness and misery of Cathal in Parked.


Lastly, random question, if Merlin and Arthur were going to be all jealous over each other, what might they be jealous about?? This may or may not be extremely helpful to me for something :)

Lastly, lastly, I have been amusing myself muchly the past few weeks with and its sister site, If you ever need a laugh, CHECK THEM OUT.

/end random post.

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