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Hey everyone! I've just finished all my work for the day so I thought I would do a quick LJ post and see how everyone is. I have two tunes for you too! I've been on a bit of a radio odyssey this week - mostly of Nick Grimshaw's new breakfast show on Radio One. I'm not really a regular radio listener but I like Grimmy (as he is known) and his terrible George Michael karaoke attempt has become my instant cheer-up vid these past couple of weeks so I wanted to give it a go. Anyway, I have been enjoying it so much and discovering lots of chart music. I am horribly out of touch with new music :D I am also developing a ridiculous crush on Grimmy, BUT ANYWAY.

I have two of my new tunes here, one is 'Teenage Icon' by The Vaccines which is really fun, the other is one I found via tumblr - 'Hey Lonely' by a group called Moonlight Social (v different to Teenage Icon). Hope you enjoy them!

Happy Thursday!
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A few years ago I had two goldfish called Charles and Cromwell (I shared ownership with my friend Joanne). They lived for about 2 years, I cleaned them out every week, replaced their oxygen plants, bought them a little Roman ruin to swim through and never forgot to feed them. I thought they were pretty happy, as fish go (dad even fed them ant eggs etc that would have eaten in the wild), but after reading some forums for professional goldfish owners I now think they must have been wallowing in fishy despair, dreaming of the open pond before expiring thirty-eight years before their time due to my horrid negligence D:

All this brings me to the fact I have new goldfish and now every time I look at them I feel horribly guilty for ruining their lives. My mum's friend has a pond and it had become overstocked so she was giving away 'some of the little ones' for pets. Knowing I miss having a pet, she offered two to mum and I duly got my fish bowl down and cleaned it out and got it all ready. Then we went to collect the fish, only to find Moby Dick and his portly cousin waiting for us in a freezer bag full of pond water (Mum's friend: "What do you mean? Those are small! ...sort of")

After putting them in their now absurdly tiny fish bowl, we had to zoom off to the garden centre and get a proper tank for them, along with more gravel, three new plants and some food more suitable for fish that have lived outdoors. At that point, my debit card started weeping at me so that had to do. So here they are, now in their filtered tank and still I feel like Goldfish Forum Users are judging me and my fish are in a pit of watery despair (that's too small and lacks 'surface oxygen space'). Owning goldfish was never this guilt-inducing before.

They're already five years old, what if I accidentally kill them within a year?? DDD:

Disclaimer: The tank is wider than that. It's the perspective! Also I couldn't afford the even bigger one.
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I’ve had such a lovely day today! I went to London to meet up with my friend Joanne (we met on our very first day as undergraduates), had a delicious dinner and loooong chat, then got to meet up with [ profile] seenthewoods too before we went off to see ‘Fast Girls’, Bradley’s new film, in a gorgeous old cinema in Notting Hill Gate.

Spoilers ahoy for the film!

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This is the face of a sausage dog who barked at 2am FOR AN HOUR and then started barking, crying and scratching at my bedroom door from roughly 5am until the time I got up and yelled ALL RIGHT YOU WIN - I AM UP. If anyone should find themselves wanting an elderly sausage dog, condition: slightly worn, please email Thanks for your time.

In other news I got myself some peach schnapps today at work (I used to call it my Fake Archers) and god just the SMELL is making me so nostalgic for when I was student. It was my favourite drink, mixed with lemonade, bought first because I couldn't afford real Archers and then because I found I preferred the fake stuff anyway. Ten years was a bloody long time to spend at uni in the same place, I don't often miss it anymore (the last 2 years of my phd were a nightmare) but I do tonight :(

Will cut the rest to save your flist.

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