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Me again, I’m very sorry for spamming your flists so much lately. To briefly explain, I will have no internet access at home (apart from my mobile) after the 16th, so I am attempting to crosspost/post all the things I need to to my journal before then (and when I have five minutes to myself). I am also working my way through all fic comments too, but apologies for being so slow. I think there is only the Percy!verse masterlist to come after this anyway, and I will put that all under a cut so as not to take up too much space!

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Title: Red Window Frames
Wordcount: 7,234
Rating: G (pre-slash with a hint of more)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Merlin is the property of Shine and the BBC.
Summary: A brief insight into the adventures of Merlin, the hapless teenage wizard, and Arthur, who mostly takes notes.

Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] merlinxarthur's fanfic challenge #1. This is prompted by picture number 8.

HUGE thanks go to [ profile] vensre for all her help, encouragement, and of course her ninja like beta skills :) Also, a big thank you to everyone at [ profile] cheer_me_on for all their encouragement, and for putting up with me going on about this for the past two weeks ;)

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Title: First Kiss (Merlin/Arthur)
Wordcount: 1,627
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: In which Merlin is drunk and cloud watching and really, really doesn't want to hear about Arthur's latest conquest. Modern AU.

A/N: I completely forgot I hadn't crossposted this! This was written for the ficondemand first kiss comment meme ages ago and I linked to it over there a few weeks back, so I'm sure most people have seen this, but I just wanted to put it at my journal too and excise a couple of typos :) Unfortunately I could not think of a better title, or at least not one that didn't make this sound more epic than it is!

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Wordcount: 6,695
Rating: PG
Warnings: None. Some silliness - as usual, not to be taken seriously.
Summary: Modern AU set in the menswear department of a large store (and shamelessly based on my own part time job at BHS during my A Levels where weekend menswear was always ridiculously quiet and staffed by a team of two). 17 year old Arthur is the Saturday supervisor on Menswear, and takes his job very seriously indeed. Merlin is the new boy who Arthur falls in love with at first sight. Emotional constipation ensues.

A/N:Based on [ profile] vensre's kinkmeme prompt, 'For Arthur it was love at first sight, which really just made him grumpier.' Except this went off topic a bit, which I didn't think she would mind as she already had a proper and very brilliant fill to her prompt. So consider this a sort of second fill of sorts (with liberties taken as to the prompt).

Written for [ profile] vensre, I hope she likes it! :D

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Characters: Arthur, Gwen and Morgana (I still love you Merlin!)
Rating: G.
Wordcount: 2416.
Summary: One take on how Gwen came to be Morgana’s maidservant.

A/N: Months ago Ven gave me a prompt - Scene: Camelot, 6ish years ago. Arthur encounters Gwen through dealings with the blacksmith and she insults him epically. He is somewhere between offended and amused at this, and draws a private comparison to Morgana's fierceness. Although obviously he wouldn't admit it, he's worried about Morgana (who has recently started to have her nightmares and has been looking ill and lonely), so he recommends Gwen as a good match for Morgana as her maidservant. He is smug and relieved to see Morgana looking happier in her company. Then he never, ever lets on that he was involved. And I wrote her this fic! And then forgot all about it... So now I am finally posting it up at my journal :)

Many thanks to [ profile] vensre, whose plotbunny this was in the first place, and who beta’d the finished product for me as well!

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Title: Sea Voyage.
Wordcount: 932.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: None, except for general fluffiness.
Summary: Written for [ profile] vensre 's prompt, 'Sea Voyage.' Established Relationship fic.

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Written for [ profile] vensre’s kinkmeme prompt: Arthur/Merlin, clean kink. Not requirements, just a few ideas to inspire you: post-bath ogling; soft, sweet-scented hair and clean lickable skin; ritual bathing or handwashing; Arthur manipulating Merlin into taking a bath (possibly by getting him too dirty not to bathe) because he loves to see him clean; Merlin washing Arthur's face and arms with a hot or cool wet cloth as comfort, or just to feel good; getting soapy in the bath and sliding their skin together...

Er… except my version is distinctly PG rated AT BEST.

Anywho, this one is for Ven, a.k.a Inspector Clouseau, who guessed it was me even though I was being TOTALLY SUBTLE and secret and anonymous and wearing a comedy beard and dark glasses and even though I wrote in the present tense.


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Title: Torn between two pressing situations.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings: Drunkeness. Some groping.
Wordcount: 934
  It's Twelfth Night and Arthur is attempting to charm his father's guest, while being distracted by a drunken Merlin. Written for [ profile] vensre's prompt 'torn between two pressing situations.'


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Title: Arthur''s Map.
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Wordcount: 2,028
Summary: Merlin borrows a map.  But the map he borrows reveals more than was expected all round.

So, yesterday I bought myself the Merlin Sticker Album, and I was very excited to find it had a pull out map of Camelot!  I might have made fun of said map a little in an email to [personal profile] vensre(because of the distinctly bizarre scale and lack of anything other than Locations Relevant To The Plot, and because of the Middle Earth-esque placenames).  Anyway, Ven suggested that Arthur had quite obviously made the map himself, and noted the locations of his and Merlin's adventures on it!  And I loved her idea so much I stole it and wrote her this fic, which she encouraged me to put up at my journal (and beta'd for me as well) :)

Incidentally, if anyone has read my 'Innovations' prompt fic, I like to imagine this is the same Merlin, just earlier, when Arthur is still Prince.



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Written for [info]vensre's prompt, 'hypnagogia', and now posted to ras_elased's kissing prompt (of which I heartily approve) because I thought it fit!

Now i'm just sticking it on my journal as well, where all my fics go to retire.

Word count: 1,174

Warnings: None

Notes: Hypnagogia is (according to the trusty wikipedia) the state between waking and sleeping, otherwise known as 'the borderland of sleep' or a 'half-dream state.' I have interpreted it somewhat loosely... 


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Last one - for now :)

Prompt: Innovation.

Wordcount: 798.

Warnings: Silliness.

There is now art for this fic! here by [ profile] madnessisreal, and here by [ profile] pianeko :D :D

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Another prompt fic!

Prompt: Walk of Shame.

Wordcount: 658

Warnings: Some bad language.

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Thanks to[ profile] vensre, I have discovered the world of Prompt Fic - and it is proving to be ridiculous amounts of fun. So, here is the first one (hopefully I will post them all eventually, but I thought i'd start with these). Further thanks to Ven for not only giving me the brilliant prompts, but also checking these over for me :)



Warnings: Blood and an unspecified battle wound!

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