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Just checking in to say hello and that I am a big fat FAIL for not posting anything properly this week. Mini Merlin and Arthur HAVE STUFF TO SAY DAMMIT. No really, they do! They want to reply to [ profile] sneakytoaster.

What I have to put up with.

However I am currently finishing off a Fic O’Doom (somehow they all end up becoming Fics of Doom) and although it is going fine it is just taking forever and apparently my brain cannot do Fandom Multitasking. Which is frustrating to say the least.

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I have been told the links to this series are a bit of a pain, so I have decided to bring them all together in one list, and in reading/chronological order (and I will also add a link to the sidebar under my general masterlist). It’s hard to believe Percy has spawned this many fics, I guess it is a very busy life being a Knight of Camelot in the same castle as Merlin.

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And that's all so far!
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Title: Of Dancing and Other Complications.
Wordcount: 1,622
Rating: G
Warning: None, except that Arthur does not actually appear in this, it's just a conversation between Percy and Merlin.
Summary: Percy has almost made up his mind to ask Lady Fleur to dance. Merlin is there to give him a few tips. (Features Lady Fleur from Percy the Legend, who is intended to be Blanchefleur, wife of Sir Percival in some of the legends)

A/N: This was written for [ profile] giecast's prompt of 'Percy's first love' (although this is a rather loose interpretation of the prompt). This was originally posted in a flocked entry where I shamelessly begged for fic prompts and had a great time writing lots of different ideas. But now I'm reposting it publicly because I'm trying to sort out a Percy Masterlist (I have been told the links for the series are most confusing) and I want to add it :) So apologies if you've already seen this one! For those unfamiliar with Percy, he is a character from my Route to Advancement series who came to court, and was a bit hopeless and lost before he made friends with Merlin. My Percy verse follows his mishaps adventures, and his view of Arthur and Merlin's unusual master/servant relationship :)

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Title: Knight Puppy Pile
Wordcount: 1,960
Rating: G
Warnings: Some silliness. Possibly some crack too.
Summary: In which there is an Emergency Sleeping Plan Alpha, some over-excited Knights, and a long-suffering manservant.

A/N: This is a collaborative effort between me and [ profile] vensre, although the original idea is entirely hers, and the title. My email search tells me that it was last August that she first mentioned the idea,

Picture, if you will, that when he travels with his knights, and there isn't any particular danger, they all sleep in a big puppy pile.

To which I replied,

OF COURSE the Knights all sleep in a puppy pile. I mean, those campsites can be cold! And there's safety in numbers. And... er... yeah. Also I now have this hilarious image of all the Knights of Camelot arguing over who's stealing the blankets and the fact that Bors keeps kicking Gawain in the shin.

And then somehow this got written and has been lurking at Google Docs for many months.

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Hello everyone! Just a quick update post bringing you fic and podfic. Last week[ profile] sehraa asked to borrow Percy and yesterday she posted this beautiful fic, Snippets of Life and Ale, which I wanted to mention here. A quick warning that it is a much more serious take on Percy than mine that ties in more closely to legend, so there is some angst, but truly an amazing fic all the same, poignant and beautifully written.

Also, the lovely [ profile] lunchy_munchy has podficced three of my stories! , The Week The Sassy Pose Came To Camelot, Lady Catherine Comes To Camelot and The Journal of Geoffrey the Cat, Aged Three Years and Five Months (the last two are together here). I absolutely love her readings of them (there are sound effects!! And authentic screams!) and it’s really made my day to hear them :D

Lastly, and a bit anti-climactic after all those, [ profile] vensre pointed me to a Dreamwidth meme for first kisses and the unfilled Merlin/Arthur prompt there. Obviously I thought their absence was a scandalous scandal and so I wrote a comment fic for it. It’s modern AU, and features an inebriated Merlin who absolutely does not want to hear about Arthur and Sophia (though obviously there is a happy ending).

Comment Fic!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :D
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It turns out that being a Knight of Camelot and having the Kingdom’s Laziest Warhorse (TM) is actually quite a busy life and sometimes I miss bits of it and Percy has adventures without me. This is a Good Thing, because if he had to wait for me for me all the time there would be a hell of a lot of awkward hanging around in Camelot, checking watches sundials and keeping a bored Brutus out of the rose garden, and Isolda would probably join with Morgana and Gwen and take over the kingdom while I was still busy photocopying a gazillion notes in the library.

Anyway, Percy’s other adventures have popped up in a few fics and I wanted to link them all here because they’re all fantastic fics (regardless of how much Percy is in them!) and because I feel extremely flattered and happy that anyone would feel inspired to use Sir Percy in their stories :)

I hope people enjoy them all as much as I did!

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Many happy returns to [ profile] katzgalore! I hope you have/are having a brilliant day. In honour of the day I have written you 1,000 words of (mostly) Brutus – since I know you love him :D I have also introduced a new horse character for you (with an appropriately ridiculous name) who I believe is very probably Brutus’s Arch Nemesis. I suspect they give each other Looks whenever they pass... But I will leave that to you to decide :D :D

Happy Birthday!

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Characters: Percy and Brutus (with mentions of Isolda and Lord Wyldon)
Wordcount: 1,987
Rating: G

A/N: This one is for everyone who missed Brutus in the last couple of Percy stories. WARNING: THERE IS NO MERLIN/ARTHUR. Just thought I’d mention that because, obviously, these are Merlin/Arthur fics usually! But this is just me writing up my personal canon on how a 15 year old Percy came to acquire a horse called Brutus, which I realise is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea! I promise that any future Percy fics will be back to normal in Camelot :D

Special thanks to [ profile] vensre, [ profile] katzgalore and [ profile] meredyth_13 for helping to inspire this one!!

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PENBLWYDD HAPUS [info]vensre 

I hope you have a wonderful day and get to do more karaoke :D :D

Here is a meagre 580 words of fic (well - sort of fic!) for you, while you await the Epic adventures of Merlin and Mr A.E.F.PR. Hopefully you will be able to read this while eating Battenburg (all my fingers and toes are crossed).

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Because I am a MUPPET, I completely forgot that Ven drew me an amazing picture of the new character from Percy and the Midnight Quest. I blame posting at 2 in the morning for this bizarre oversight.


All credit to [ profile] vensre!

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Title: Percy and the Midnight Quest
Characters: Merlin/Arthur (pre-slash) and Percy
Wordcount: 8,900
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None

Summary: In which there is a quest, a mysterious creature and some revelations.

A/N: This features an OC of mine, Sir Percy, who was in a previous series The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 - although that series doesn’t need to be read to understand this one.

This one is dedicated entirely to [ profile] vensre – without whom I would never have finished it. I told her about this at the end of last May and it was only through her encouragement and repeated requests to know what happened that I kept coming back to it and finally, FINALLY, finished it off. Nine months later. WHEW. And she beta’d it too, with her usual thoroughness and removal of my unnecessary punctuation. :)

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Title: Percy the Legend
Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Guinevere, Isolda, Percy and Fleur.
Wordcount: 3,512
Rating: G.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Not compliant with series two canon. So, AU I suppose?

Summary: How Sir Percy ended up recorded for all time as the Sir Percival of legend – raised in the woods and ‘ignorant to the ways of men’ (clue: his sister may have been involved. Possibly.)

A/N: This was written for the wonderful [ profile] beyond_camelot community (which aims to Merlinize Arthuriana) and features an OC of mine, Percy, who featured in a previous series with his sister Isolda, overbearing father Lord Wyldon (who is rather obsessed with his own noble bloodline), the smug and sanctimonious Sir Rhys, and terrible warhorse Brutus (who only gets a little reference in this one, sadly).

The series (which doesn’t need to be read to follow this one) is The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Huge, Brutus's dinner sized thanks go to [ profile] vensre for always being interested in hearing more about Percy, even when I thought I could never write him again. And for the fantastic beta of course!

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I know I said there would probably be no more Percy stories, but this little scene turned up and bashed me over the head repeatedly until I wrote it out. It has no real plot to speak of but I really hope it works alright anyway. I think this can probably be read on it’s own (the reference to potatoes harks back to Merlin being bashed with them while he was in the stocks, and Lord Wyldon is Percy’s somewhat overbearing father). But if you would like to read the previous three, they are….

 The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2 | 3

Anyway, here it is in all its rather short and plotless (and possibly a bit random) glory - huge thanks to[info]vensre, as always, for her brilliant beta work :)


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Here is the massively overdue third (and probably final) part of what’s turned into the Route to Advancement series.

I think you probably need to have read parts 1 and 2 for this last part to make sense. They are The Route To Advancement : 1 | 2

I'm relieved to say this has now been beta'd by [ profile] vensre — who has found all my missing commas, introduced me to the em-dash, pointed out my glaring continuity errors and staged an intervention between me and the ellipsis. I continue to be hugely grateful for her help! :)

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[ profile] vensre  - thank you so much!


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My second Merlin story! This idea just appeared in my head randomly and then had to be written, I think this is what comes of reading about early modern courts and 'advancement' and getting the ear of the King etc. Anyway here it is.

Now beta'd by the wonderful [ profile] vensre - all remaining mistakes are of course my own! Also posted at merlinxarthur.



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