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For anyone wishing to follow the Merlin Comic Con news today, their panel is apparently at 9pm (UK time) and there are quite a few places to find updates.

ONTD Merlin Comic Con post

Merlin Network Post

ETA: Summary of the panel and the Q & As here

Lots of people are chatting about it on Twitter too, I'm over there as magog83 and my tweets are all public :)

There is also a first look at a series 4 poster! WARNING FOR EXTREMELY GORGEOUS COLIN. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

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The British Library have just opened a new virtual exhibition focusing on the French language manuscripts of Arthurian literature in case anyone is interested in having a look :)

My ability to read medieval French manuscripts is non-existent, but they've put together the webpages in a really interesting and informative way so you don't have to be a medieval scholar to learn more about it. Although if you are, or if you just want to see the gorgeous documents up close, you can click on the pictures to get enlarged and readable versions.

Arthurian Manuscripts in the British Library: The French Tradition

There is also a short blog article about it from the British Library's Medieval and Early Manuscripts Blog here
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One of my random linky posts tonight :) I have been a bit rubbish with LJ the past few days between working and not feeling too well, but now I am catching up :D

First of all, [ profile] blondielox has a series 4 location spoiler over at her LJ! Along with the characters involved in the particular scene. Only a very minor spoiler for all you spoilerphobes, but still intriguing I'm sure you'll agree :D

In other Merlin news, I hear the boys and Katie will be at the San Diego Comic Con! Should provide some more interesting series 4 info, however rageworthy it might be...

Now for some random links,

The Hangover - Merlin Style (very funny mash-up of the Hangover trailer with scenes from Merlin!)

Random hilarity linked by my friend Becki in which Michael Bolton (cheesy 90s singing legend) takes the mickey out of himself in a fake collaboration with some too-cool-for-school rappers (watch out for bad language in the rapping bit). They want to rap about girls and guns, Michael's only interested in his favourite films :D Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

A little bit I found on youtube about one of my favourite films. Critic's Picks: The Red Shoes. It's a stunning film and so worth watching <3

JAMES MCAVOY BEING ADORABLE (and talking about the awkwardness of on screen sex scenes).

Benedict Cumberbatch reads a children's story!

Firefly actor Nathan Fillion talks about the very serious condition known as Swamp Ass (thanks to [ profile] jelazakazone for pointing this one out) :D :D

A bit more serious... One of my favourite singers/activists, Billy Bragg, has written an excellent new song about the hacking scandal currently dominating the news in Britain. It references the reaction of the people of Liverpool to Murdoch's 'Sun' newspaper's coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. Never Buy The Sun

I think that's it, for now :) Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
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Spotted on [ profile] winterstorrm's journal! Here is my desktop :) I've had it a while, and before it I had another Merlin/Arthur themed desktop. Can you tell what I love about the show? <3

What's everyone else's like??

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I'm back!

I had a lovely 2 days up North. I finished my corrections and handed them in for checking, had dinner with my friend Michelle AND watched lots of Legend of the Seeker. I really like it! I got up to the episode 'Confession' but now I'm trying to find ways of watching the rest :( We don't have Netflix here and the dvd is only available on import (which I can't play). Pants.

Also, little bro Esca fic was not updated. Woe.

In much better news, [ profile] eosrose posted a drabble anthology which she very kindly dedicated to me. There are quite a few of my favourite ficlets on there so I cannot wait to listen!!! And I also had a new LJ virtual gift from [ profile] planejane which was another lovely surprise. Obviously cheerleading her gorgeous fics is a terrible chore for us all ;) There is a reason Castleview Road is my favourite modern AU ever and never ceases to make me happy and weepy by the end (I WILL HAVE A GAME OF POOL WITH YOU MERLIN) <3

How has everyone's weekend been? Any exciting Merlin gossip? Any other Kahlen fans out there? Have Bradley and Colin been spotted kissing in a park?


Sorry, I have had some wine.

Jamie would like to apologise on my behalf with his face.

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I found that fic! The one [ profile] monicaop was looking for on [ profile] find_a_merlin. Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help when I was looking for it again a few days ago, you are all brilliant <3 <3 In fact, I have found Merlin fandom to be ridiculously helpful with all sorts of things, both Merlin and non-Merlin related. I am glad I found LJ :)

Anyway, it's here,

in case anyone is curious! I haven't read it yet, but I probably will do now :D It's quite embarrassing how much I love finding fics for people.

In other nice news, I woke up to a review on one of my ancient Doctor Who fics on And to a massive update on the ice hockey Marcus/ figure skating Esca fic I am reading.

So all in all, I am feeling quite cheery this morning. Lots of work to do again though. I am also pretending I did not see series 4 spoilers on my flist this morning, because they would make me want to bash my head repeatedly against a wall, BUT I DIDN'T SEE THEM, so that's ok. *Icon may or may not be ironic*

Have a good Tuesday everyone!
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...You finally FINALLY get paid, and instead of immediately rushing to the bank to put some across to your savings, you rush to your laptop to buy another 12 months of paid time on your LJ account so you can continue to track the 5378927153 kmm WIPs you are reading :D

ALSO, while I am here. There is an unanswered query on find-a-merlin HERE and it's driving me slightly crazy because I hate it when I can't remember fics. So anyway, I'm going to drop it here again in case anyone at all recognises it. I thought the first one might be 'The Dragon was a Babble Mouth' by jade-dragoness, but he doesn't really tell everyone in that fic, only Arthur. And the second one, I just don't have a clue although it sounds a very specific scene. Any ideas at all??

1.- Canon time, one about the Dragon telling everyone, and I mean everyone, that they have a destiny with Arthur and that they where meant to be and all.

2.- Modern times, Arthur and Merlin know each other, and Arthur invites Merlin to a coffee shop, this place is totally exclusive and the waiter or something doesn't want to let Merlin in, and Arthur has to stand up an get Merlin in.

There is a lot more in this last fic but this is what got stuck in my head :)

Apparently in the second one they might have met at school/uni?? Ack! I really want to help, but my Delicious-fu has failed me :(
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Ugh. What a long day at work! It wasn't even technically a long shift or anything, just boiling hot and then I had to go to the bank afterwards and traipsed all through town in the heat, only to realise I'd left my wallet in the car. I was not a happy bunny! I went back and got it though, and then I bought myself a strawberry tart and ate it all and didn't even care about my healthy eating plans.

ANYWAY, on to more interesting stuff :) I hope everyone has had a good week! I've mostly been working, doing thesis corrections and trying to catch up with my flist. I know I am way behind :(

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Your ultimate Merlin fic-finding community


So, I am now the co-mod of a new comm with the lovely [ profile] toodelicious. I have never done this sort of thing before, but I figure I cannot be THAT hopeless ::insert agreement and reassurance here:: As you can probably tell, [ profile] toodelicious did all the hard work over there, I just admired and helped choose a layout (GO ME). I hope to actually be more useful in future ;)

Anyway, who DOESN'T want to find a Merlin? And he looks so cute with his serious research face on <3 <3

The aim is to not have too many rules, but for it to be a laid back place where you can leave your fic queries, request recs if you've had a crap day (or if you suddenly discover a hitherto unknown love of Geoffrey/Gaius slash fic) and I'm sure if you have a question relating to a picture/episode or whatever else, that will be fine too. Tagging is entirely up to you to use, or not use.

Lastly, if you DO find a Merlin, feel free to PM me. No really, I won't mind :)

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Tonight, Matthew, I plan to sleep and awake to Bradley James doing the Macarena. MAKE IT SO, UNIVERSE.

ps. Is he auditioning, do we think? Is this like a showcase of his talent for future employers? WTF is going on?!

pps. I now have a reference point for him saying the word 'Percy' - not sure if he said canon Sir P's name at the end of series 3, I mostly skimmed, but this is all most helpful for future fic imaginings ;)
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All under cut because of Merlin series 4 SPOILERS. Yay for my first use of the 'create poll' function!

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Apr. 29th, 2011 03:25 pm
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Obviously, I was watching the royal wedding and wishing it was Merlin and Arthur. It's only natural when they are the OTP of my heart <3 Now look at the brilliant idea [ profile] a8c_sock has had :D :D


Apr. 11th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Have people seen these?? [ profile] lolafeist just tweeted the link! Information and photos by [ profile] pakafe who sounds like she had an amazing trip away :D

Series 4 Spoiler Alert!

(this is a location spoiler and shows main characters there, although it isn't terribly clear what's going on).
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This is a bit of a multi-purpose post - real life first, then fandom :D

Warning for one series 4 spoiler from kapow.

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THIS interview about series 3 Morgana just posted at [ profile] gealach_ros's journal makes me sad.

"It's lovely when you get a character that doesn't undergo a sudden transition." Really Tony?? REALLY?? I can only assume he means all the development that took place in the year away that we never got to see, because the character we got was just Smirky MacEvil from the off. They didn't even try to make her seem conflicted.

Then Katie, "you haven't lost the character you love." Except we kind of did :/ Right around the time she tried to kill every single other member of the gang.

Then the stuff about Morgana and Merlin going from near siblings who cared about each other, to hating each other. ::cries::

Just EPIC EPIC SADFACE all round here.

The only positive thing I am taking from this interview is that I really really like her red outfit.

I would wear that.
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My best friend Becki is very jammy. She's just trailed Anthony Head around Tescos whilst doing her weekly shop with her little girl (she wasn't deliberately trailing him I should add, it's just our Tescos isn't huge. Also he lives nearby so it wasn't entirely random). Tragically, Bek doesn't watch Merlin, so she mainly knows him as the Prime Minister in Little Britain and the guy from the Gold Blend Adverts :D She seemed shocked to realise that he's (and I quote) "quite fit for an older guy" and she might also have speculated on which car was his in the car park (she's very into cars).

I started laughing on the phone at about the point she said, "but I thought that one couldn't be his because he wouldn't have a Citroen surely. I thought he'd probably have a 4x4 or something, because of his small holding. And then I realised I was being really sad and drove home before he came out of the shop and saw me lurking in my car like a stalker." :D :D :D

She did say that although lots of people apparently clocked who it was, no-one bothered him or anything so he got to shop in peace :)
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The Mini Thems send you their best wishes :D :D

I hope you are having a wonderful day!
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So much series 4 news coming out the last two days! (under cut for small spoilers)

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Oh god I am replying to Meeting the Minister comments and there are more than I thought. Not that I am complaining about that of course, just I feel so embarrassed to be replying so late. And the comments are genuinely lovely, appreciative comments that took thought and when I read them in the midst of thesis hell, they made me so happy! And it probably looked like I couldn't be arsed to say thank you. I'm working back from the end so I don't have to see just how old some of them are :/ I'm still on page 3 at the moment.

Basically, if you suddenly get a reply to a comment you barely remember leaving, I'M REALLY SORRY. I'm doing the 2011 comments first (it's bad enough I am even writing that sentence). I can't dream of posting the sequel until I clear these comments.

Needless to say, I always do appreciate every single comment I receive, no matter how brief. Even if I sometimes take a while to respond to them properly <3 <3

See, here is what my face looks like when people take the trouble to comment on my fic.


ETA: I have cleared page 3. Yes, it was the shortest page but still. TICKY BOX.

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