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Keeping up a long established sibling tradition, my brother went to the London Expo this weekend and attended the Merlin retrospective panel and the two Teen Wolf panels for me :) I thought I'd post a few of his pics from the Merlin one here.

He said Tom and Alex were really funny and nice and that Tom told a story about Bradley playing a prank on him on set. Apparently they all used to eat cereal bars on set to keep them going but Tom was notorious for forgetting his. On the one day he actually remembered, Bradley collected up loads of empty wrappers from everyone else and spread them all over his dressing room so he'd think they'd all been eaten. Tom said he went mad - because no-one gets between him and his food XD


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I just spoke to my brother, who is at the London Expo. I had asked him to see if there were any Merlin action figures for sale, and there are and he is getting Merlin and Arthur for me, and the YOU CAN'T ESCAPE DESTINY poster (YAAAAY). BUT, I also asked him to ask about a Gwen figure (it was Freemantle Media people running the stall) and they said they are bringing one of her out next year! Along with the dragon (which I read about already), King Uther and POSSIBLY one of Gwaine (they only said possibly on that one, which begs the question NO SIR LEON???????????). So that was all good news (and I'm looking forward to my FULLY POSEABLE ACTION FIGURES)

Also, because there is much discussion of it everywhere today, there WILL be whineage and complaining in my journal. Complaining is very therapeutic for me, and there has been much to complain about this series (my number one complaint, if you can't guess, has a full violin soundtrack and mostly involves Merlin NOT being the main character in his own show. I'm mainly pretending pod!morgana does not exist). If I don't complain, the rage builds, my face goes all red, and there is a 98% chance my head will actually explode. Nobody wants that. So yes, you don't have to read the complaining, or comment on it, but it will be here, because complaining is good for my soul apparently :D And I don't mind anyone else complaining either, although wishing death on characters is just scary. I would rather send angry thoughts at Johnny Capps, it's equally ineffective but still oddly satisfying (also I write REALLY IRATE letters to the BBC, Shine and Radio Times in my head, it makes me feel better and they don't know about it. Perfect).
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This is just me being VERY EXCITED about the London Expo and wishing I was there. Luckily my brother is there (again, he braved the panel last year too) and he has BORROWED A PHONE, which is apparently a very posh phone. So I am hoping for news! (also, I better start putting this under a cut so as not to irritate people by taking up their flists!)

ETA 1: oooh, they're running late apparently! He just text again to say not for another ten minutes at least... Wonder what they're doing?

ETA 2: Apparently there is a world record attempt still going on, which is holding things up! I'm guessing that doesn't involve the cast. Well, I assume not!

ETA 3: IT'S ABOUT TO START. He reports people with banners :D

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I have such a cool brother. He's at the Expo in London this weekend (he writes for an anime website) and, because he is lovely, he went to the Merlin panel for me and then text me throughout with news.

So I now know that,

 - Lancelot is back in series 2.

 - Arthur and Gwen's romance will start, or move along, or something.  Like I care. (frankly i was LESS HAPPY about this and more happy about the next one)

 - There will be more shirtless Arthur

 - There will be a cartoon series.

 - There will be some novels.

 - Merlin and Gwen become Morgana's chief confidants (but their friendship 'will be tested')

 - There will be more Mordred and more about Excalibur.

 - Colin and Bradley have linked their Nintendo's wirelessly (or something, i'm not good with computer stuff) and play Nintendo DS Super Mario Karts against each other in between filming apparently. Colin said he always won, Bradley disagreed. Or as my brother put it.. "the Merlin one said he always won the games but the blonde one kept shaking his head."

 - Bradley spent some time filming the crowd at the expo.

I think I need to buy him a drink (or three).  Also I think he was a little scared by the fangirls....

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