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Keeping up a long established sibling tradition, my brother went to the London Expo this weekend and attended the Merlin retrospective panel and the two Teen Wolf panels for me :) I thought I'd post a few of his pics from the Merlin one here.

He said Tom and Alex were really funny and nice and that Tom told a story about Bradley playing a prank on him on set. Apparently they all used to eat cereal bars on set to keep them going but Tom was notorious for forgetting his. On the one day he actually remembered, Bradley collected up loads of empty wrappers from everyone else and spread them all over his dressing room so he'd think they'd all been eaten. Tom said he went mad - because no-one gets between him and his food XD


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A disgruntled Merlin fan's letter has made Letter Of The Week in Radio Times!


Really don't think PR is Merlin's area IN GENERAL.

ps. What's with that photo caption?? o_O
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I just saw a post about this on tumblr.

As you know (as Merlin fans know anyway!), Cosmeston Medieval Village near Penarth is the setting for Ealdor and the village in the Lamia episode of series four of Merlin. It is also facing reductions to its services as a result of council funding cuts. According to the petition, this includes the removal of the costumed guides who provide 'informative, first person tours of the site', the collection of authentic rare-breed animals and an end to the special events staged in the village throughout the year.

Whilst there are many other deeply valued community services losing funding at the moment, it seems dangerous to let much loved heritage services go without at the very least showing our support for what they do and the people who work hard to make them educational and engaging for all. Please take a moment to sign the petition and show the council (and the Cosmeston staff) that people value what they do there :)

ETA: PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE UK CAN SIGN THIS PETITION. There is also a box you can uncheck if you don't want your signature displayed publicly.

Sign the petition here!
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For all the Merlin and Sherlock fans on my flist - you've probably read and loved the growing number of fics where Merlin and Arthur turn up at 221B Baker Street, but have you ever wondered what it might be like if Sherlock and John turned up in Camelot?? And not time travelling Sherlock and John, but full on medieval sleuths Sherlock and John. Much like making a modern re-imagining of Sherlock, only 1,400 years earlier in fact.


Instead go read [ profile] jamie15's rather wonderful How Sherlock Holmes and John Watson Met King Arthur of Camelot (and Somehow Weren't Burned at the Stake). I was lucky enough to see this as it was being written and it is effortlessly charming, funny and clever. It fits in with series 4 canon and has a PERFECT Sherlock voice. You will love him and totally imagine Benedict delivering all the lines <3

Also, OF COURSE Sherlock would deduce everyone's secrets in about a minute flat and be a total pain in the ass while doing do. He is Sherlock Holmes :D
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I just found this lovely quote via twitter - it's the inimitable Stephen Fry talking about things he wished he'd known when he was 18.

"I suppose the thing I most would have liked to have known or been reassured about is that in the world, what counts more than talent, what counts more than energy or concentration or commitment, or anything else - is kindness. And the more in the world that you encounter kindness and cheerfullness - which is its kind of amiable uncle or aunt - the better the world always is. And all the big words: virtue, justice, truth - are dwarfed by the greatness of kindness."


I've rarely read anything that sums up my own feelings so well <3

On a Merlin note, today I've been introduced to a Taylor Swift song that has stuck in my head and made me think endlessly nostalgic thoughts about Merlin/Arthur and Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana in series one. It even mentions fighting dragons, making magic and Kings and Queens ;)

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Episode 11 is called 'The Hunter's Heart'

Wait, wait, I think I've read this one already...

Legal assistant Victoria Cameron is delighted when she is hired to work with the wealthy Hunter O'Hare at his castle home, but her job soon becomes both a dangerous search for a would-be killer and a stormy affair of the heart.

But then Merlin doesn't have anyone CALLED Hunter, so it's more likely to be this,

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Better late than never :)

After a week of long and horrible shifts, it was finally Friday night and I had a spare hour to corral the Mini Thems into reviewing the latest episode. I went looking for them and found them on their book shelf, keeping very busy.

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Merlin features in What's On TV's 'Rant of the Week' this week!

I promise I did not actually send in this rant.

Rest of the episode scans from What's on TV and Radio Times follow. SPOILERS FOR MERLIN AND GARROW'S LAW FROM HERE ON IN.

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Sorry it's so late guys! This week has really kicked my ass and this has taken me about 4 nights for some reason. It's probably a bit shorter than usual too, but better to have a short one than not at all I hope :)

Since the last episode, Mini Merlin and Arthur had seemed rather excited by the changes in their lives. It was a new era, now Arthur was King and Merlin had his own dragon, and they were both anxious to see what episode 5 would bring.

Mini Merlin had been putting in a great deal of research, just to make sure he was ready for the challenges that would now face him as a Dragon Owner.

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I tweeted pics of all the Merlin ones this morning but here they are again, properly scanned this time, with this week's Downton Abbey stuff AND bonus James McAvoy being adorable in Radio Times! I had no idea he auditioned for Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean O_O Although as he sweetly says, if he'd done that he would never have met his wife or had his son. AWWWWWWW.

Spoilers beyond the cut.

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Scans from What's on TV and Radio Times for Merlin 4x5 and the next Downton Abbey.


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Ever since I played my joke on the Mini Thems with the chocolate eyeballs and Cadbury's Screme Eggs, the boys hadn't touched chocolate. It was a disconcerting and quite worrying development and I felt like it was my fault.

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First and most importantly - Happy Birthday [ profile] archaeologist_d!!! I hope you are having a good one <3

Second, in what seems to be a weird reaction to the crapness of last week for me (and because this seems like old school Merlin again - YAY), I am REALLY EXCITED about tonight's episode. I feel like someone ought to talk me down, because if I am this excited, surely disappointment awaits. Whatever. I have wine.

Things I am looking forward to.... (cut because of spoilers)
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Rather belated this week! As you will see, I had some trouble corralling the Mini Thems.

After last week's appalling behaviour, I decided to take [ profile] jamie15' s advice and ban them from chocolate and other sugary snacks for a whole week. It seemed a good idea at the time.

Needless to say, they did not take it well.

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Very interesting post about the music of Merlin and the possibility of further soundtracks over at [ profile] seenthewoods's LJ. She emailed the composer of the past series scores and got a reply!
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Scans from Radio Times and What's On TV for this week's Merlin episode (4x04). SPOILERS, especially What's On TV whose article might as well be called The Entire Plot Condensed, and contains Colin's entry for 2011's 'Understatement of the Year' ;)

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I can't lie, I am getting a LITTLE concerned about my TV viewing this weekend and what it might do to my blood pressure/heart.

Reviews of Merlin and Downton Abbey from the new Radio Times... Spoilers of course, and some speculation from myself.

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Oh my god I just remembered the horrible and traumatic dream I had last night! I was chatting on gchat with ladysockalot about THE EMBRACE when it came back to me DDDD:

I dreamed I was watching that episode and they hugged and it was amazing and perfect and everything we could want, and then, THEN, Arthur said "YOU ARE LIKE THE LITTLE BROTHER I NEVER HAD"

Why would he do that, WHY? This is all the fault of that person on tumblr who said they were like brothers and it obviously lodged in my brain. I kept thinking about it all day at work but sometime in the afternoon it drifted blissfully away, only to return when I least expected it.

Why are all my Merlin dreams so crap? What if this happens in the actual episode???? This is like the week before series 2 started and I dreamed the first episode was Arthur and Gwen picnicking by a waterfall and then Arthur proposed. The only decent Merlin dream I've had was the one where Gwen and I converted the upstairs of the forge into a hostelry for weary travellers and I got to pick the curtains and matching anachronistic bedspreads. We were the best medieval hoteliers the kingdom had ever seen.

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Now all the proper reviews have been posted, I feel the Mini Thems are safe to give their verdict.

Of course, it almost didn't happen! Since getting tragically Frosticled last week, Mini Merlin had removed himself to the radiator where he had set up a well insulated tent and was flatly refusing to come out.

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