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So my priorities this week have been,

Christmas Fic For Ven

This is the first of three ficlets, with a mistletoe related theme, set in three of my different fics. Tonight's scene is from 'A Story of Love and Menswear' :)

I hope you like them! I would love to have written you epic fic, you certainly deserve it for beta reading my fic, putting up with my ENDLESS angsting about my phd and (as if that wasn't enough) proofreading all 104,000 words on Concepts of Urbanity and the Early Modern Welsh Town. Needless to say, once the Evil Thesis is done, I will get back to writing Mr PR and School Nemeses for you.

You are a wonderful friend, and I am lucky to have you :) :) Nadolig Llawen!

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Hello everyone :) I have pretty much vanished from fandom the past couple of months, and I will probably be only half there for a while yet (grr to the thesis), but I'm trying to at least keep my hand in with fic. Today it's a Love and Menswear extra scene, but if anyone has any extras or missing scenes from any of my fic they would be interested in seeing, please let me know and I'll try and give them a go! My huge WIPs are out of the question at the moment, but shorter scenes I think I can manage :D Ven has already requested 'meeting the parents' from 'Merlin Emrys' Biggest Fan', so that's up next I think!

Wordcount: 1,200
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur attempts to do his Supervisory Timetable. Merlin is a bit distracting.
A/N: This is a little extra scene I wrote for A Story of Love and Menswear, and which has again been edited by Arthur for sap clarity. It's set about a month after the end of that fic.

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Wordcount: 6,695
Rating: PG
Warnings: None. Some silliness - as usual, not to be taken seriously.
Summary: Modern AU set in the menswear department of a large store (and shamelessly based on my own part time job at BHS during my A Levels where weekend menswear was always ridiculously quiet and staffed by a team of two). 17 year old Arthur is the Saturday supervisor on Menswear, and takes his job very seriously indeed. Merlin is the new boy who Arthur falls in love with at first sight. Emotional constipation ensues.

A/N:Based on [ profile] vensre's kinkmeme prompt, 'For Arthur it was love at first sight, which really just made him grumpier.' Except this went off topic a bit, which I didn't think she would mind as she already had a proper and very brilliant fill to her prompt. So consider this a sort of second fill of sorts (with liberties taken as to the prompt).

Written for [ profile] vensre, I hope she likes it! :D

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