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If you hate Les Mis, this thread is probably not the place to tell me because I will cry (and work today has been crap). I'm so excited about this film I nearly broke my trackpad stabbing the play button. I adore the musical of Les Miserables, this is going to be SO GOOD.

BUT ALSO, linked in the comments on Jezebel was this hilarious and amazing clip of Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel (from an American TV show I believe) doing the Valjean/Javert confrontation on a talk show (apparently they do it a lot on set). Honestly, watch it - it is absolutely brilliant and so very very funny XD

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If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a few of these already!

Fun stuff.

63 reasons why 90s boy bands were better Oh. God. This post is hilarious XD PREPARE TO BE HORRIFIED.

The most enjoyably cantankerous workplace notes

Unintentionally hilarious and/or disturbing drawings by kids. This one is my favourite.

Why does Joss Whedon always kill the characters we love? Because he is an evil, evil man. RIP Wash.

What is going on with this modern Wuthering Heights cover? WHAT?

Tom Hiddleston writes an essay for The Guardian about superheroes. Of course he does.

I can’t remember if I ever linked this, so in case I didn’t, here - Be Bold With Bananas. You might be thinking, but I’m already pretty bold with bananas. Believe me, you are not bold enough.


BBC Sherlock observation game I think this game is rubbish. Otherwise known as ‘I was really really crap at it’.

Design your own Tudor lady or gentleman! I made an Anne Boleyn. Because I am that cool.


25 vintage police photos from Australia. Be careful to read the warnings on these, there are two pictures of dead bodies (not hugely graphic, I mean I could look at them okay and I’m very squeamish) and blood and stuff on a few, but still fascinating.

20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

BBC article on Welsh film locations

On that subject, check out this website full of pictures of Welsh ruins, some amazing derelict mansions there that I had never heard of.

The Monster of Glamis This is a spooky, potentially horribly sad and very mysterious write up of the Secret of Glamis Castle, the long rumoured secret of the castle where the present Queen’s mother grew up.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! If not watch these ducks.
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This is very funny :D

Daniel Abraham's private letter from Genre to Mainstream

The letter itself is great, but just as good are the 'replies' in the comments from Mainstream, Horror, Fanfic (Dear Genre, I'm disappointed in you. Yes, YOU! Why do you keep trying to go back to Literature when I love you as no one else ever will?) and Rarefied amongst others.

And if that's not amusement enough - find out which Regency hero you should marry. I'm marrying the knight apparently, although I'd rather have a wizard I think ;)

And lastly lastly, for those not following my history comm, you might want to check out this hilarity,

Bringing lols to the world of manuscripts since about 1500.
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I am down in the dumps and a lot of people on my flist seem to be having a stressful day so it's time for some happy things or just general hugs. So please link me to happy things and I will endeavour to find fun stuff too (at least for the next hour until I go to bed).

Stolen from this very amusing cracked article - If Computer Error Messages Had A Sense of Humour

ETA: linked by [ profile] bramble_rose - CREEPY AND FUNNY AT THE SAME TIME

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I haven't seen the episode yet because I didn't get back from work until it was over. I have it ready to watch though, and don't worry about spoilers. If you know me at all by now you will know I have already read all the reaction/reviews posts and scroooolled through twitter and tumblr ;)

Anyway just a few links I kept thinking I ought to do at work today!

Just spotted in [ profile] minuialeth75's LJ - The French Mini Thems continue their adventures!

And while we're on the subject, this is an older one that was supposed to go in the Lost Linkspam of Great Tragedy that was killed by LJ being rubbish for about 3 days running.

Merlin and Arthur find out what TPTB think of them via the new Top Trumps... Their valuable reviewing insight comes to us courtesy of [ profile] seenthewoods :D :D

In other non-fandom but still very funny links,

Louis vs Rick A man teaches his cat to use IM, hilarious conversations ensue... Like Geoffrey the Cat, only better!

FINALLY, this video made me laugh a lot, but it made my mother nearly fall off her chair. I was seriously concerned for her health. To be fair, if you haven't seen it, the 'punchline' is pretty fantastic (and it's only short).

Back to what I'm supposed to be doing...
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So it is FRIDAY NIGHT and I do NOT have to work tomorrow. Turns out there was a tragic mix up which required me to pretend to be sad about not having to do 9-6 on a Saturday again and having a 2 day weekend for the first time in about 4-5 weeks. I feel I pulled it off pretty well.

And now some random linkity links to entertain you!

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Sorry I haven't replied to comments from yesterday yet, I was feeling pretty hacked off at the world last night. A couple of links to hopefully amuse/interest you this morning though!

Disney Princesses imagined as real women - Ariel is especially beautiful here!

Photo Caption Writer Goes Rogue!. Basically this is rather bitter/snarky but amusing coverage of various vacuous celeb events interspersed with some occupy wall street type commentary. I really hope this guy didn't get into trouble! If it's been taken down, there's also screencaps at gawker HERE. I kind of love this caption-person <3

Lastly, If this year's movie posters told the truth :D :D SO TRUE.

And now, alas, I must go to work for 9 hours, since I did not win the lottery yesterday.
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly link to this well-wishing post for the lovely [ profile] tracy7307 who has been having a horrendous time of it lately, what with both car crashes and surgery. She is currently still in hospital and [ profile] myashke has been posting updates on her progress. I'll paste in what she wrote today,

As you all know, Tracy's had a very stressful and difficult time lately. Her life has been so complicated and challenging these last few weeks, and she's definitely turned to fandom to help keep her sane and smiling during this difficult time. Right now, she can't get to fandom, so I thought we should take fandom to her!! I've created a little love fest for Tracy where her friends can leave well-wishes, ficlets, drabbles, artwork, covers for her fics - ANYTHING to cheer her up and entertain her while she heals in the hospital!!

You all know what Tracy loves - The Eagle and Merlin, just about all genres and eras, AU and canon! She loves Marcus/Esca and Merlin/Arthur best, but also likes a few rarepairs like Gwaine/Elena and Gwen/Lancelot!

So if you have any ideas, please drop a message or something there! <3
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Further to my Bronte post of yesterday, [ profile] katzgalore linked me this AMAZING spoof advert for Bronte Power Dolls :D :D :D


Unfortunately that did lead me off to watching all my old favourited vids (in between finding Persuasion vids...) and THIS ONE in particular for 'Becoming Jane' (film based on Jane Austen's life and supposed doomed love affair with Tom Lefroy, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy). Yes it is a pop song by Pink BUT WAIT, I think this is one of the nicest put together fanvids I've ever watched, and it never ceases to make me a bit emotional (THEIR LOVE CANNOT BE. But this time I actually care!). I love the way the story of Jane and Tom is interspersed with her writing the books she would become so famous for :)

Anyway, MERLIN.

Yesterday someone super secret and anonymous filled one of my kmm prompts! Normally my kmm prompts languish in solitude and tumble weeds BUT NOT THIS TIME. And the fill is gorgeous! I was so happy to see it and then to see that it is exactly what I wanted <3 <3

Golden by Firelight

And now I'm going to do my gran's cleaning and then go to work. YAY MY LIFE. I was supposed to be sorting out School Nemeses this afternoon :/
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"I will prove to you that you are wrong; I will show you a heroine as plain and as small as myself, who shall be as interesting as any of yours” - Charlotte Bronte on 'Jane Eyre'

Sorry I keep spamming you all with random links lately, but I just found this blogsite by accident and it's so wonderful I had to share! As the name suggests, it's a blog full of posts about Jane Eyre, the film versions, why we love Rochester, modern 'updates' of it. I'm still reading through and I'm really enjoying it. And there is plenty of Fassbender for those of you who like the new film version ;)

All About Jane

From the 'Why We Love Rochester' bit...

We are infatuated with Rochester’s Jane-infatuation. From the moment he arrives on ebony horse near stormy, crumbling Thornfield, to the earliest conversations that pry secrets by candlelight out of Jane’s direct glances, we know that we have reached a partnership of equals. Rochester challenges Jane; he covets her thoughts and yearns to penetrate her mind to extract what she thinks of him.


::picks self up::

The parent-blog itself is also great:

Well worth a look! And she reviews Bradley's 'Lewis' ep, but isn't all that complimentary about his acting :( I thought he was great in that episode!
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I just read this very interesting article in the Guardian about period novel adaptations and the changes made, or not made, and how different versions highlight different themes. Fascinating for any period drama fan.

Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights - Do we need new film versions?

I admit to being quite boring with regards to adaptations. Once I see a version I love, THAT is my version and I'm not interested in watching any other for the most part. However it seems to be an industry that will run and run :)

I think we're getting a new Great Expectations this Christmas too. So in one year we've had a new Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations! Since 1995 we've also had two Pride and Prejudices, three Emmas, two Sense and Sensibilities, three Oliver Twists, and two Persuasions.

And yet no Agnes Grey. Woe.
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Hello hello hello!!

I have missed LJ this past week :) This is going to be a bit of a mish-mash of a post I'm afraid.

First of all I have some apologies to make. To [ profile] wolfangeldeath whose birthday it was yesterday (happy belated birthday!), and to whom I promised I would try to write some Percy. As you can see, I didn't manage it :( But I do still intend to, this past couple of weeks have just been a bit mad. I've started a new volunteering placement and have been working a lot and not writing much at all. I should also apologise to all those following School Nemeses, I've had a flurry of extra comments recently and a new chapter is long overdue. I have two more chapters written, I'm just feeling a bit wobbly over them at the moment :/

In other news, I have a couple of links and some randomness about historical dramas I have loved (and the famous people they starred, such as Johnny Lee Miller, Michael Fassbender and Sean Bean).

2000 year old Greek God mosaic discovered in Roman cellar

Juicy details & pics of Downton Abbey, series two! (ITV period drama)

CUTE BABY OWL. Keep watching until 0.50 for bonus adorable head scritching. TOO CUTE. :D

Now... onto historical dramas that are Awesome.

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The British Library have just opened a new virtual exhibition focusing on the French language manuscripts of Arthurian literature in case anyone is interested in having a look :)

My ability to read medieval French manuscripts is non-existent, but they've put together the webpages in a really interesting and informative way so you don't have to be a medieval scholar to learn more about it. Although if you are, or if you just want to see the gorgeous documents up close, you can click on the pictures to get enlarged and readable versions.

Arthurian Manuscripts in the British Library: The French Tradition

There is also a short blog article about it from the British Library's Medieval and Early Manuscripts Blog here
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LOOOOOOOK! There is a new Aardman Animations film out (makers of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run) and it looks EXCELLENT, and very funny.

Hugh Grant is a pirate! And IMDB tells me it also features the voices of Salma Hayek, David Tennant, Martin Freeman, Brendan Gleeson, Imelda Staunton and Jeremy Piven :D

My favourite bit in 0.37-40 :D :D
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One of my random linky posts tonight :) I have been a bit rubbish with LJ the past few days between working and not feeling too well, but now I am catching up :D

First of all, [ profile] blondielox has a series 4 location spoiler over at her LJ! Along with the characters involved in the particular scene. Only a very minor spoiler for all you spoilerphobes, but still intriguing I'm sure you'll agree :D

In other Merlin news, I hear the boys and Katie will be at the San Diego Comic Con! Should provide some more interesting series 4 info, however rageworthy it might be...

Now for some random links,

The Hangover - Merlin Style (very funny mash-up of the Hangover trailer with scenes from Merlin!)

Random hilarity linked by my friend Becki in which Michael Bolton (cheesy 90s singing legend) takes the mickey out of himself in a fake collaboration with some too-cool-for-school rappers (watch out for bad language in the rapping bit). They want to rap about girls and guns, Michael's only interested in his favourite films :D Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

A little bit I found on youtube about one of my favourite films. Critic's Picks: The Red Shoes. It's a stunning film and so worth watching <3

JAMES MCAVOY BEING ADORABLE (and talking about the awkwardness of on screen sex scenes).

Benedict Cumberbatch reads a children's story!

Firefly actor Nathan Fillion talks about the very serious condition known as Swamp Ass (thanks to [ profile] jelazakazone for pointing this one out) :D :D

A bit more serious... One of my favourite singers/activists, Billy Bragg, has written an excellent new song about the hacking scandal currently dominating the news in Britain. It references the reaction of the people of Liverpool to Murdoch's 'Sun' newspaper's coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. Never Buy The Sun

I think that's it, for now :) Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
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Back from work, and thank you so much to [ profile] winterstorrm,[ profile] cinnatart, [ profile] capricornucopia, [ profile] 1nagromniloc and [ profile] toodelicious for my virtual gifts!!! That was such a lovely surprise <3

In Further Tales from the World of Retail, I bought myself a Euromillions lottery ticket before my shift this morning, because the rollover jackpot is something ridiculous like £166 million, and I was so busy planning what I would do with my win as I scanned away on the till that I told a lady her shopping came to "128 thousand pounds" instead of £128. Oops. I was forced to admit to her that I was mentally spending my imaginary Euromillions jackpot ;)

Then another woman accidentally tore open her packet of pig's liver and a load of blood went all over my hands. She found this hilarious and said "I hope you're not a vegetarian!" I am not a vegetarian, but neither am I an extra in Carrie (and anyway, I might have been one). It was pretty disgusting :/

Lastly lastly, I saw this amusing 1930s article on being a Young Lady in Manhattan on Gawker the other day and thought people might like to read it, particularly any New Yorkers on my flist :D

ETA: As you know, I enjoy snarky book reviews, and this one is excellent :D Rushed to the Altar by Jane Feather: A Book Rant from Dora

I also just saw this over at Digital Spy! Random famous people say brief stuff about Harry Potter (including our very own Anthony Head at 2.52-3.07)

Stars Pay Tribute to Harry Potter

Hope you're all having a good Wednesday!
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One of the more fun starts to my day! If you like Doctor Who (and haven't heard this already), CLICK ON THIS LINK. It's Green Day's song 'Holiday' mixed with the Doctor Who theme tune, some sound clips from the show and the GLORIOUS 'Doctorin the Tardis' by The Timelords (I remember this played at many birthday parties and discos when I was little). The result works so well :D

Now back to work, because although I finished my corrections I apparently need to go back through and make sure my capitalisation is consistent in the footnotes. Sigh. It's not hard work, just annoyingly time-consuming. Then I am working later. Yay.

ETA: ok, so instead of working it is possible Ven and I are having FAR too much fun looking through [ profile] yavannauk's excellent set photos and making up silly captions for them :D :D So far we have had Bradley and Colin's pigtail pulling (complete with eye-rolling crew members), Arthur and Gwen's first Christmas card (with Merlin supposedly photoshopping in snowflakes but actually removing all of Arthur's hair), SASSY POSES, Angel and Bradley's power ballad pose, Arthur and horse doing DETERMINED FACES IN SYNC and now Angel knowing the colour of Katie's underwear (apparently). Also, man-with-apparently-stylish-hat-which-is-actually-a-script.

Right, now I really must get ready for work!
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Just spotted this on and was vastly amused :D :D :D

28 great movies from the perspective of minor characters

My favourite is definitely the Indiana Jones one!

Ugh. Work was long today. I feel like I need to send a letter to all Tesco customers to remind them that if they want cash back, they must WAIT FOR ME TO ADD IT. I am not wired into the mainframe. The act of saying their request out loud and me hearing it does not automatically communicate their request to their bank and have it approved. At the very least, if they persist in asking for cash back and immediately jamming their card into the machine before I've so much as blinked, they could at least not look at me like I'm an incompetant idiot when I have to ask them to remove it so I can put it through the til. COME ON, PEOPLE.

Also, a lady had a dog called Merlin :D Apparently it's not very well behaved. OF COURSE IT ISN'T.
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DAMN IT, BBC. Stop being so interesting in the mornings! I have to get to work. Not only do you give me the Archibishop of Canterbury's articulate criticism of government policies (marry me, Dr Williams!) but also a magazine article on King Arthur. Only fleeting mention of BBC Merlin, this one is to coincide with the new series Camelot I think.

King Arthur and Camelot: Why the cultural fascination?

Also, WAVES AT GLASTONBURY TOR. I will be seeing you in about an hour and a half, just as I crest the hill on my way to work :D
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Ugh. What a long day at work! It wasn't even technically a long shift or anything, just boiling hot and then I had to go to the bank afterwards and traipsed all through town in the heat, only to realise I'd left my wallet in the car. I was not a happy bunny! I went back and got it though, and then I bought myself a strawberry tart and ate it all and didn't even care about my healthy eating plans.

ANYWAY, on to more interesting stuff :) I hope everyone has had a good week! I've mostly been working, doing thesis corrections and trying to catch up with my flist. I know I am way behind :(

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