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Title: Prime Minister's Questions (Meeting the Minister verse).
Word Count: 3,258
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.

Summary: Arthur's attempt to connect with middle Britain is sabotaged, Merlin is indiscreet and The Daily Prophet gets the scoop of the year.

A/N: This is a little extra part to my Meeting the Minister verse, following on from Meeting the Minister, and A Ministerial Appointment, both of which were based on a kmm prompt where Arthur is the new Muggle Prime Minister and meets Merlin, Minister for Magic. You will probably have had to read the latter for a couple of these jokes to make sense!

Many thanks to [ profile] a8c_sock for cheerleading this one and giving it a read through <3

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Me again, I’m very sorry for spamming your flists so much lately. To briefly explain, I will have no internet access at home (apart from my mobile) after the 16th, so I am attempting to crosspost/post all the things I need to to my journal before then (and when I have five minutes to myself). I am also working my way through all fic comments too, but apologies for being so slow. I think there is only the Percy!verse masterlist to come after this anyway, and I will put that all under a cut so as not to take up too much space!

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Written for the kinkmeme prompt Arthur/Merlin: Every cat owner knows no-one owns a cat. Possibly slightly crackier than the prompter intended….

Also, in case anyone cares - I imagine Geoffrey as a large, bushy haired ginger tom cat. And very handsome of course :)

Wordcount: 1,822
Warnings: None except for silliness.
Summary: Modern AU in which Arthur has a pet cat called Geoffrey, who keeps a journal. Then Merlin moves in across the road. Yes, really.

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Written for [ profile] vensre’s kinkmeme prompt: Arthur/Merlin, clean kink. Not requirements, just a few ideas to inspire you: post-bath ogling; soft, sweet-scented hair and clean lickable skin; ritual bathing or handwashing; Arthur manipulating Merlin into taking a bath (possibly by getting him too dirty not to bathe) because he loves to see him clean; Merlin washing Arthur's face and arms with a hot or cool wet cloth as comfort, or just to feel good; getting soapy in the bath and sliding their skin together...

Er… except my version is distinctly PG rated AT BEST.

Anywho, this one is for Ven, a.k.a Inspector Clouseau, who guessed it was me even though I was being TOTALLY SUBTLE and secret and anonymous and wearing a comedy beard and dark glasses and even though I wrote in the present tense.


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Title: Merlin Emrys’s Biggest Fan
Wordcount: 4,201
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Written for the kinkmeme prompt, ‘Arthur/Merlin. Merlin is a world-famous celebrity whom Arthur has been pining after for years. He finally has a chance to meet him (screening? convention? concert? up to you), and on a whim slips him a note with his hotel and room number. Merlin unexpectedly (for both of them) takes him up on his offer. Bonus points for reincarnation!fic and Merlin teasing Arthur about his crush.’ This is a little different from the prompt – but hopefully not too much!

Huge thanks to [ profile] vensre as always for her beta work, the title, and all her encouragement!

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Originally posted anonymously on merlinkinkmeme for this prompt..

Centuries have passed since Arthur's death and Merlin has lived a thousand lives since then. He's lost hope for Arthur ever returning. It's 2009 and he's working as a teacher in a school. One day a very familiar blonde boy walks into his class. Que naughty schoolboy Arthur trying to entice teacher!Merlin and lots of kinky detention sessions.

Except I failed to include any porn or kinky detention sessions and managed to post it in the wrong bit of the site...

er... yeah and my Arthur is not so much a schoolboy as a 6th former (around 17 or so).  Thankfully the OP was kind enough to leave a nice comment anyway so I decided to be brave and actually post it in my journal.

Constructive criticism appreciated as always :)

Sorry about the lame title - originally it didn't have one and it was either this or 'When Reincarnation Bites You in the Ass.'

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