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Hello everyone! You might remember me weeping all over my journal a while back when I heard that someone was publishing an 'erotic' version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Well yesterday I actually spotted the abomination itself in Tesco D:


I'm glad to see the author co-crediting Charlotte Bronte, since she, you know, LIFTED MOST OF THE TEXT DIRECTLY FROM HER BOOK ::twitches::

Anyway, because I am nothing if not thorough, I had a quick flick through to see what it was like and snapped a couple of pics so you could share my horror. I couldn't take anymore because the Tesco lady was giving me a really weird look.

Anyway, try not to be overcome by the breathtaking eroticism.

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~~~I'm not really here~~~ ::dons fake moustache and beard::

Mum dragged me out on a walk and I was just transferring the pics I took over to my laptop when I spotted this on my camera memory card, obviously taken for some long abandoned idea. However I thought it was appropriate for my ficcing today <3

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I have just written up to the proposal scene in JE! To give context, the proposal scene is my FAVOURITE part and I part-wrote my own version of it for this fic over a year ago. At the time I couldn't ever imagine actually getting up to it. But now I have, 81,723 words and 139 pages later. Possibly I will read my new stuff back tomorrow and think it's too short or it's crap, but right now...


Also, in an unexpected twist, it just happens to be June now in my fic, and (without planning it) it happens to be June in the novel of Jane Eyre too (not to mention, the same bit of the narrative). Allowing me to use the beautiful "A splendid Midsummer shone over England" line, which I love <3

Now I am off to watch Dirty Dancing, the musical, with my mum and best friend.
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This is the face of a sausage dog who barked at 2am FOR AN HOUR and then started barking, crying and scratching at my bedroom door from roughly 5am until the time I got up and yelled ALL RIGHT YOU WIN - I AM UP. If anyone should find themselves wanting an elderly sausage dog, condition: slightly worn, please email Thanks for your time.

In other news I got myself some peach schnapps today at work (I used to call it my Fake Archers) and god just the SMELL is making me so nostalgic for when I was student. It was my favourite drink, mixed with lemonade, bought first because I couldn't afford real Archers and then because I found I preferred the fake stuff anyway. Ten years was a bloody long time to spend at uni in the same place, I don't often miss it anymore (the last 2 years of my phd were a nightmare) but I do tonight :(

Will cut the rest to save your flist.

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Further to my Bronte post of yesterday, [ profile] katzgalore linked me this AMAZING spoof advert for Bronte Power Dolls :D :D :D


Unfortunately that did lead me off to watching all my old favourited vids (in between finding Persuasion vids...) and THIS ONE in particular for 'Becoming Jane' (film based on Jane Austen's life and supposed doomed love affair with Tom Lefroy, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy). Yes it is a pop song by Pink BUT WAIT, I think this is one of the nicest put together fanvids I've ever watched, and it never ceases to make me a bit emotional (THEIR LOVE CANNOT BE. But this time I actually care!). I love the way the story of Jane and Tom is interspersed with her writing the books she would become so famous for :)

Anyway, MERLIN.

Yesterday someone super secret and anonymous filled one of my kmm prompts! Normally my kmm prompts languish in solitude and tumble weeds BUT NOT THIS TIME. And the fill is gorgeous! I was so happy to see it and then to see that it is exactly what I wanted <3 <3

Golden by Firelight

And now I'm going to do my gran's cleaning and then go to work. YAY MY LIFE. I was supposed to be sorting out School Nemeses this afternoon :/
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"I will prove to you that you are wrong; I will show you a heroine as plain and as small as myself, who shall be as interesting as any of yours” - Charlotte Bronte on 'Jane Eyre'

Sorry I keep spamming you all with random links lately, but I just found this blogsite by accident and it's so wonderful I had to share! As the name suggests, it's a blog full of posts about Jane Eyre, the film versions, why we love Rochester, modern 'updates' of it. I'm still reading through and I'm really enjoying it. And there is plenty of Fassbender for those of you who like the new film version ;)

All About Jane

From the 'Why We Love Rochester' bit...

We are infatuated with Rochester’s Jane-infatuation. From the moment he arrives on ebony horse near stormy, crumbling Thornfield, to the earliest conversations that pry secrets by candlelight out of Jane’s direct glances, we know that we have reached a partnership of equals. Rochester challenges Jane; he covets her thoughts and yearns to penetrate her mind to extract what she thinks of him.


::picks self up::

The parent-blog itself is also great:

Well worth a look! And she reviews Bradley's 'Lewis' ep, but isn't all that complimentary about his acting :( I thought he was great in that episode!

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