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Scans of the Tintin article in this month's Empire Magazine! For [ profile] jamie15 :D

Jamie Bell sounds very dedicated to his art, but this is why I love him <3

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Catching up (rather late) on the WIP Meme. I saw this going round a few days ago and meant to do it, but this week has turned out to be really busy and I forgot :( I signed up for a 'get shit done' thing too, but so far have only managed a crappy 600 more words of Jane Eyre. I will try again tomorrow. Merlin and Arthur are waiting for their moment, dammit!

Anyway, here's the meme :D Feel free to ask about any of them if you're interested. Some of the titles are a tad random.

Being Susan - Narnia
Isolda's Revenge
School Nemeses 10 Rearranged Version
School Nemeses 11 Final
School Nemeses 12
School Nemeses 13 in progress
Jane Eyre1
Jealous of Gwaine Fic
Merlin drunk on cider fic sequel
Riddle Merlin
The Problem with Knowing (Percy)
The first time it happened it was an accident - GIECAST
The second time it happened Arthur thought Merlin was dying
The third time they were travelling again - GIECAST'S FIC
Artword Fic

To finish - HAVE SOME PICS OF JAMIE BELL. Snagged from Tumblr and Google Images at various times.

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CANNOT STOP WATCHING THIS VIDEO. It's so well put together, particularly the montage after 0.55 ::fans self:: HOW SO GORGEOUS, JAMIE?!?

If your brain has not melted after watching Jamie Bell for a while minute and a half and you would like a laugh, then watch this one too! It is BRILLIANT and so clever. Anyone who has listened to the charts at all over the past decade or so will recognise this kind of song :D


(also wait for the guy at 1.45 - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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