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Bessyboo just linked this on twitter and I laughed for about five minutes straight. Does this man have the best opening paragraph on any wikipedia entry or what??

amazing wikipedia entry
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This tumblr has made my life - Bitchface: The Masterworks: In honor of the muses who are sick of your crap.

Basically there are snarky subtitles on historic paintings and some of them are TOO FUNNY.

Check out fandom - as depicted in 19th century art XD

bitchface tumblr

For more ridiculous paintings see the ugly renaissance babies tumblr ;)
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In the latest of my forays into the weird and wonderful world of Career Novels for Girls, I have been reading Air Hostess Ann by Pamela Hawken (1952).


I was promised on the fly cover that being an air hostess was “one of the most exciting careers for girls” so my expectations were high. Luckily, I was not disappointed and enjoyed this one even more than the adventures of Diana Seton: Veterinary Student.

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I’ve recently become fascinated with a series of ‘Career Novels for Girls’ released in the 1950s and 1960s by Bodley Head Publishing and later by Knight Books. There are a whole host of different titles, with such fantastic names as Claire in Television, Air Hostess Ann, Margaret Becomes A Doctor and Jill Kennedy, Telephonist. I suppose they’re best described as the product of a transitional period – between women simply marrying and not having a career, and the expectation that women might have a career of their own – at least until they got married.

Unfortunately the books are quite expensive now, but I am managing to pick up a few in later paperback editions (and I will keep looking) and they are a brilliant bit of social and gender history in their own right, as well as being entertaining stories and unintentionally amusing :D I have always loved 1950s, 60s and 70s set books, since my reading material growing up was mostly sourced from the library and charity shops the world of shillings, buns for tea, and putting a call through via the telephone exchange seems weirdly normal to me.

Anyway, without further ado, I present the reviews of long out-of-date novels that NOBODY ASKED FOR (warning for snark).


I’ve just finished Diana Seton: Veterinary Student by Joan Llewelyn Owens (1960).

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I think everyone has already seen this except me, but whatever, just in case you haven't :D

I think this gets funnier every time I watch it. To quote from the youtube post, I was playing the demo for the new(ish) game, Sherlock Holmes Nemesis, when I noticed that you never see or hear Dr. Watson move. According to a Tumblr person, writing movement into video games is very hard, so instead they just made Holmes move about (because you're playing him) and Watson sort of... teleports... IN THE CREEPIEST WAY IMAGINABLE. XD

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When illustrating the cover of a novel, most people attempt to recreate a scene or draw something symbolic enough to sum up the book's major themes. And other people think PFFT. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ THIS CRAP.

Welcome to the worst offenders I could find XD

What it looks like it’s about: A glamorous woman from the 1970s time travels to the 1840s via a dress shop in 1812. There she meets a dark Byronic hero who's really upset about something. Also a house is on fire.

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I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard at something, I am actually crying.

From Russell Howard's Good News (warning for very strong language). This is novelist Zadie Smith's younger brother, Doc Brown :D

It's embarrassing how much of this made me nod and think 'TOO RIGHT'.
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Spotted today in the National Archives catalogue.

I've googled it, but unless 'goltehedd' is supposed to be something that isn't suspiciously like 'goathead' in 16th century speak, I'm fairly sure Francis Bolton just got told.
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The Queen visits Salford to open the new BBC television centre, bringing to fruition decades of Dalek planning.

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This just amused me greatly XD As far as I'm concerned, googler number three has their priorities in order.

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Spotted on, all the way from 1942.

To make this less bizarre, I have decided Wonder Woman is just shoving that letter aside, like JESUS STEVE, NOT NOW, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M AT WORK. Because she takes her work seriously, dammit, and she's not marrying someone who still calls her Wonder Woman.
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Bloody hell people, I am actually CRYING with laughter at lollypop's latest adorable chibis. THEY ARE AT A RAVE. A RAVE.

If you only do one fandom thing this morning, make sure you look at this with the music playing in the background (it opens as a youtube video).

Oh my god.
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I haven't seen the episode yet because I didn't get back from work until it was over. I have it ready to watch though, and don't worry about spoilers. If you know me at all by now you will know I have already read all the reaction/reviews posts and scroooolled through twitter and tumblr ;)

Anyway just a few links I kept thinking I ought to do at work today!

Just spotted in [ profile] minuialeth75's LJ - The French Mini Thems continue their adventures!

And while we're on the subject, this is an older one that was supposed to go in the Lost Linkspam of Great Tragedy that was killed by LJ being rubbish for about 3 days running.

Merlin and Arthur find out what TPTB think of them via the new Top Trumps... Their valuable reviewing insight comes to us courtesy of [ profile] seenthewoods :D :D

In other non-fandom but still very funny links,

Louis vs Rick A man teaches his cat to use IM, hilarious conversations ensue... Like Geoffrey the Cat, only better!

FINALLY, this video made me laugh a lot, but it made my mother nearly fall off her chair. I was seriously concerned for her health. To be fair, if you haven't seen it, the 'punchline' is pretty fantastic (and it's only short).

Back to what I'm supposed to be doing...
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So it is FRIDAY NIGHT and I do NOT have to work tomorrow. Turns out there was a tragic mix up which required me to pretend to be sad about not having to do 9-6 on a Saturday again and having a 2 day weekend for the first time in about 4-5 weeks. I feel I pulled it off pretty well.

And now some random linkity links to entertain you!

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You were asking on twitter so here are a few of my favourites. Hopefully nothing offensive here (it's always hard to know whether I just have a weird sense of humour!).

Obviously you don't have to watch them all, but I hope there are a few here to amuse you!

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Nabbed from Google Images for your Sunday amusement <3

No way dude. Not until I know what the deal is with those piglets.

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I am planning to mock some more old book covers and titles at some point (see my previous one here) because I have too much fun finding them, but today I wanted to briefly share the joys of gender stereotyping that I discovered along the way.

First of all, I discovered that boys have awesome adventures!

If that's not awesome I don't know what is.

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Just spotted this (via - Unfortunate Typo is Unfortunate ;) It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the loosening muscles!

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This is the face of a sausage dog who barked at 2am FOR AN HOUR and then started barking, crying and scratching at my bedroom door from roughly 5am until the time I got up and yelled ALL RIGHT YOU WIN - I AM UP. If anyone should find themselves wanting an elderly sausage dog, condition: slightly worn, please email Thanks for your time.

In other news I got myself some peach schnapps today at work (I used to call it my Fake Archers) and god just the SMELL is making me so nostalgic for when I was student. It was my favourite drink, mixed with lemonade, bought first because I couldn't afford real Archers and then because I found I preferred the fake stuff anyway. Ten years was a bloody long time to spend at uni in the same place, I don't often miss it anymore (the last 2 years of my phd were a nightmare) but I do tonight :(

Will cut the rest to save your flist.

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This was just linked on the archive mailing list I subscribe to :D THE MIND BOGGLES.

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