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Bessyboo just linked this on twitter and I laughed for about five minutes straight. Does this man have the best opening paragraph on any wikipedia entry or what??

amazing wikipedia entry
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Spotted today in the National Archives catalogue.

I've googled it, but unless 'goltehedd' is supposed to be something that isn't suspiciously like 'goathead' in 16th century speak, I'm fairly sure Francis Bolton just got told.
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I just saw a post about this on tumblr.

As you know (as Merlin fans know anyway!), Cosmeston Medieval Village near Penarth is the setting for Ealdor and the village in the Lamia episode of series four of Merlin. It is also facing reductions to its services as a result of council funding cuts. According to the petition, this includes the removal of the costumed guides who provide 'informative, first person tours of the site', the collection of authentic rare-breed animals and an end to the special events staged in the village throughout the year.

Whilst there are many other deeply valued community services losing funding at the moment, it seems dangerous to let much loved heritage services go without at the very least showing our support for what they do and the people who work hard to make them educational and engaging for all. Please take a moment to sign the petition and show the council (and the Cosmeston staff) that people value what they do there :)

ETA: PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE UK CAN SIGN THIS PETITION. There is also a box you can uncheck if you don't want your signature displayed publicly.

Sign the petition here!
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This is very funny :D

Daniel Abraham's private letter from Genre to Mainstream

The letter itself is great, but just as good are the 'replies' in the comments from Mainstream, Horror, Fanfic (Dear Genre, I'm disappointed in you. Yes, YOU! Why do you keep trying to go back to Literature when I love you as no one else ever will?) and Rarefied amongst others.

And if that's not amusement enough - find out which Regency hero you should marry. I'm marrying the knight apparently, although I'd rather have a wizard I think ;)

And lastly lastly, for those not following my history comm, you might want to check out this hilarity,

Bringing lols to the world of manuscripts since about 1500.
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You may remember that a while ago I mooted the idea of making a Daily History community. I had lots of great feedback, so thank you everyone <3 In the end, I decided to make a livejournal community because I wanted it to be separate from my normal fandom and real-life journal where historical entries would get lost amid the clutter, and because I wanted it to be open to people I regularly interact with and I know not everyone I know on LJ uses tumblr (which was another good suggestion for it).

Anyway, here it is! All my name ideas were taken so after about seven attempts it took '1066 and All That', which is the name of a famous and very very funny spoof book of British History from 1930 (I recommend it).

As it says in the user info, the aim is to post an interesting thing every day, be it a fact, a news story, a book/film/documentary rec, an Interesting Person, whatever. I like to leave it as open as possible because history is such a huge and varied subject area.

I hope it won't end up being too Anglo and early modern centric. I would really love people to PM me if they come across something they think would interest people so as to give it some variety!

Lastly, excuse my icon. I don't know how to make them so I just downsized my favourite portrait of Elizabeth Tudor :D
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If, say, someone with an unhealthy interest in random historical trivia, films and historical novels ::shifty eyes:: were to make a daily history community with one interesting historical fact/link/item a day, would anyone be interested in following it?? Or possibly contributing interesting facts they come across from their own countries/local areas?
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On this day in 1533, Elizabeth Tudor was born at Greenwich Palace. She went on to rule England for 45 years as Queen Elizabeth I.

Portrait attributed to William Scrots, c.1546

Little did she know then that she would one day be played by Bette Davis, Glenda Jackson, Cate Blanchett, Anne Marie Duff and Miranda Richardson, or that she would get to snog Joseph Fiennes, Tom Hardy and Lord Flashheart :D

If you want to see why I love her, check out her Tilbury Speech, given on the eve of an attempted Spanish invasion in 1588 (and performed pretty accurately here by Anne Marie Duff in The Virgin Queen on the BBC, even if the 'crowd' seems to consist of about 20 people)

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I just searched for 'Autumn' on google images and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Look at the beautiful old building, the haze, the slightly golden quality of the light. I just want to climb inside and stay there forever <3 <3

For those who don't know this about me already, I love Autumn and Winter. Basically from 1st September until just after Christmas, I walk around with a dopey smile on my face imagining I am in a Keats poem. This is the very best time of year coming up now. Spring - wet, post Christmas comedown etc etc, Summer - I am hot and uncomfortable, then AUTUMN - blackberry picking, Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween, advent, CHRISTMAS and in between the Christmas fairs, carnivals, crisp frosty mornings and dark evenings with the fire on, period dramas on the telly and the leaves turning. Perfect :)

I need to find some Autumn icons...
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Further to my Bronte post of yesterday, [ profile] katzgalore linked me this AMAZING spoof advert for Bronte Power Dolls :D :D :D


Unfortunately that did lead me off to watching all my old favourited vids (in between finding Persuasion vids...) and THIS ONE in particular for 'Becoming Jane' (film based on Jane Austen's life and supposed doomed love affair with Tom Lefroy, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy). Yes it is a pop song by Pink BUT WAIT, I think this is one of the nicest put together fanvids I've ever watched, and it never ceases to make me a bit emotional (THEIR LOVE CANNOT BE. But this time I actually care!). I love the way the story of Jane and Tom is interspersed with her writing the books she would become so famous for :)

Anyway, MERLIN.

Yesterday someone super secret and anonymous filled one of my kmm prompts! Normally my kmm prompts languish in solitude and tumble weeds BUT NOT THIS TIME. And the fill is gorgeous! I was so happy to see it and then to see that it is exactly what I wanted <3 <3

Golden by Firelight

And now I'm going to do my gran's cleaning and then go to work. YAY MY LIFE. I was supposed to be sorting out School Nemeses this afternoon :/
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I just read this very interesting article in the Guardian about period novel adaptations and the changes made, or not made, and how different versions highlight different themes. Fascinating for any period drama fan.

Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights - Do we need new film versions?

I admit to being quite boring with regards to adaptations. Once I see a version I love, THAT is my version and I'm not interested in watching any other for the most part. However it seems to be an industry that will run and run :)

I think we're getting a new Great Expectations this Christmas too. So in one year we've had a new Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations! Since 1995 we've also had two Pride and Prejudices, three Emmas, two Sense and Sensibilities, three Oliver Twists, and two Persuasions.

And yet no Agnes Grey. Woe.
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This was just linked on the archive mailing list I subscribe to :D THE MIND BOGGLES.

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Hello hello hello!!

I have missed LJ this past week :) This is going to be a bit of a mish-mash of a post I'm afraid.

First of all I have some apologies to make. To [ profile] wolfangeldeath whose birthday it was yesterday (happy belated birthday!), and to whom I promised I would try to write some Percy. As you can see, I didn't manage it :( But I do still intend to, this past couple of weeks have just been a bit mad. I've started a new volunteering placement and have been working a lot and not writing much at all. I should also apologise to all those following School Nemeses, I've had a flurry of extra comments recently and a new chapter is long overdue. I have two more chapters written, I'm just feeling a bit wobbly over them at the moment :/

In other news, I have a couple of links and some randomness about historical dramas I have loved (and the famous people they starred, such as Johnny Lee Miller, Michael Fassbender and Sean Bean).

2000 year old Greek God mosaic discovered in Roman cellar

Juicy details & pics of Downton Abbey, series two! (ITV period drama)

CUTE BABY OWL. Keep watching until 0.50 for bonus adorable head scritching. TOO CUTE. :D

Now... onto historical dramas that are Awesome.

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The British Library have just opened a new virtual exhibition focusing on the French language manuscripts of Arthurian literature in case anyone is interested in having a look :)

My ability to read medieval French manuscripts is non-existent, but they've put together the webpages in a really interesting and informative way so you don't have to be a medieval scholar to learn more about it. Although if you are, or if you just want to see the gorgeous documents up close, you can click on the pictures to get enlarged and readable versions.

Arthurian Manuscripts in the British Library: The French Tradition

There is also a short blog article about it from the British Library's Medieval and Early Manuscripts Blog here
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Back from work, and thank you so much to [ profile] winterstorrm,[ profile] cinnatart, [ profile] capricornucopia, [ profile] 1nagromniloc and [ profile] toodelicious for my virtual gifts!!! That was such a lovely surprise <3

In Further Tales from the World of Retail, I bought myself a Euromillions lottery ticket before my shift this morning, because the rollover jackpot is something ridiculous like £166 million, and I was so busy planning what I would do with my win as I scanned away on the till that I told a lady her shopping came to "128 thousand pounds" instead of £128. Oops. I was forced to admit to her that I was mentally spending my imaginary Euromillions jackpot ;)

Then another woman accidentally tore open her packet of pig's liver and a load of blood went all over my hands. She found this hilarious and said "I hope you're not a vegetarian!" I am not a vegetarian, but neither am I an extra in Carrie (and anyway, I might have been one). It was pretty disgusting :/

Lastly lastly, I saw this amusing 1930s article on being a Young Lady in Manhattan on Gawker the other day and thought people might like to read it, particularly any New Yorkers on my flist :D

ETA: As you know, I enjoy snarky book reviews, and this one is excellent :D Rushed to the Altar by Jane Feather: A Book Rant from Dora

I also just saw this over at Digital Spy! Random famous people say brief stuff about Harry Potter (including our very own Anthony Head at 2.52-3.07)

Stars Pay Tribute to Harry Potter

Hope you're all having a good Wednesday!
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Off to work, but was just reading this on the BBC website and found it fascinating :)

Shakespeare's real Ophelia found by historians?

The probate, court and coroner records for the early modern period are a real treasure trove of information, there are so many wonderful incidental details and small insights into local rivalries,relationships and traditions.
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Good morning all! I was just flicking through the Radio Times and I spotted a good episode of Time Team on tonight on channel 4 at 5.30. It seems to be a repeat (although I haven't seen it before) and they're visiting the Isle of Mull! So could be fun for Island fans :D Not to mention it looks like a fascinating dig.

RT says Tony Robinson and the team descend upon the Isle of Mull to investigate what may be one of the earliest chapels in Scotland. The dig turns out to be arguably one of the most rewarding and revealing in the history of the programme. It sheds new light on a lost period of Scottish history, discovers an unknown monastery, and remarkably uncovers the remains of a lost saint.

You don't get a much more exciting Time Team than that! I bet Phil will be bouncing with joy if he's there <3
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So, I should be doing more important things this morning but instead I have been playing these :D :D

Regency Dress Up Doll - This one has done the rounds before I know, but it's still addictive ;)

ETA: Almost forgot the Regency Hero version!

Navigate Victorian Life. AHAHAHAHA This is like Monty Python meets Victoriana. You choose to be either a Victorian gentleman or lady, then navigate your way through four fraught social situations - the ball, the walk in the park, the at-home dinner and the train station. I was actually doing really well until I got to the train station, then I told some old woman to wait her turn when I was in the toilet and got tossed out of the window for my trouble. Apparently ladies make as small use of public conveniences as possible!

Also, I got run over by a carriage for wearing the wrong outfit to the park. Oops :(

ETA. Dingogrrl reports being trampled by an elephant being ridden by dogs wearing ballgowns AND being killed by a kangaroo's laser eyes, so BEWARE. These Victorians take their etiquette VERY SERIOUSLY.

Lastly, in other more sensible historical news...

I read this short piece about the infamous White's Gentlemen's Club (anyone who's ever read a Regency Romance novel will know this one), which I found quite interesting.

Also, Glasgow University have set up an (apparently) free to search database of everyone mentioned in Scottish records between 1093 and 1286. The article is calling it a 13th century Facebook! I know few people will have traced their family tree back QUITE that far, but still it looks like it's going to be a fascinating resource.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!
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Mum just alerted me to an amazing local news story! A couple seeking to renovate a room in their home in Somerset have uncovered a twenty foot high mural of King Henry VIII on plaster behind some wooden panels! Apparently the house was the summer palace of Thomas Cranmer when he was Archdeacon of Taunton, so the mural probably dates from the 1530s (Cranmer went on to be Henry's Archbishop of Canterbury and was executed by Mary I in the 1550s).

BBC Somerset article on the discovery with video of the mural.

Apart from the fact that Henry looks slightly cross-eyed (and not AT ALL like Jonathan Rhys Meyers), the mural is pretty damn impressive and very well preserved. What a thing to discover in your house :D :D
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Hello everyone :) Sorry I haven’t posted for a bit again, I have been trying to post more regularly but I seem to have forgotten this past week. Anyway, in abbreviated form, Things I Have Been Doing Since I Last Posted.

- Claiming a prompt at the Glomp Fest! This is my first fest so I’m a bit nervous about it, but also excited. The prompter I have glomped has some adorable prompts and I will be having a good think to see how I can incorporate as many of them as possible into the fic. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

- Working on School Nemeses! Yes, I am back working on that one again after a few months away. I am currently finishing chapter 13, and chapter 7 should be up soon, it’s just being beta’d. If anyone is interested, [ profile] cinnatart inspired me to write a tiny little flashback scene/comment fic here, just because Merlin wanted it cleared up once and for all how he much he DOES NOT LIKE Arthur Pendragon. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. This is a historic fact, established since Year Eight. He has since accepted [ profile] cinnatart's sincere apology for the mistake. Miss Slater has however refused his subsequent request to have the apology printed in the school newspaper ;)

The rest below the cut because this post has got epically long!

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Just saw this and almost cried with joy. I was just saying to [ profile] vensre yesterday, WHERE ARE ALL THE HISTORICAL FILMS? And it's like someone was listening!

Historical epics coming to a cinema near you!

This observation was occasioned by me trying to watch a film called The Black Death, starring Boromir, Jack-from-Pillars-Of-The-Earth, the-vicar's-daughter-from-Cranford, and Balinor the Dragonlord, but apparently it was not the gritty-yet-informative historical drama I thought it would be, examining the Black Death in its socio-economic context. Mum and I started to get a little nervous when Boromir killed some innocent woman for witchcraft with his bare hands and left her on the side of the road. In the interests of research, I googled it and discovered it was a horribly graphic horror film with gruesome deaths everywhere. I guess this is what happens when the video shop is all out of Toy Story 3 :(

Anyway, I'm definitely going to see some of these from the list! (although Nicholas Cage as a Knight Templar sounds rather hilarious). I want to see Agora as well, with Rachel Weisz - has anyone seen that one and is it good? The trailer looked great. It's a shame this list stops at medieval times though, why don't people make exciting Renaissance era films? Or films set in a sixteenth century Welsh town so I could be consultant. Maybe they could cast Colin Morgan. Just a thought.

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