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Please send warm thoughts my way. Mum and dad are having the bathroom done and it's taken over a week so far and today they've switched off all the central heating and taken the loo ::cries:: I am currently trying to work out in the ice box of a conservatory (they've got the fire out in the living room which is my other work space) and I've been left dogsitting the Sausage Dog who is alternately scratching at the door because she wants to go back in and bark at them, and ACTUALLY barking at them when she spies them moving through the glass.

BUT, I do have a couple of links this morning. Firstly this brilliant video I saw yesterday featuring lots of men from various period dramas, set to It's Raining Men ;) I had great fun spotting all the ones I had seen! I have also started reading my first regency romance in years, Housemaid Heiress, so I felt it was appropriate ;)

I also found this an interesting read! It's mainly about the decision to make a new Buffy film without Whedon, but makes lots of interesting points about why Buffy was successful in the first place and how television needs more heroes in general.

We need more vampire slayers - just not more Buffy.

Happy December 1st people! Right... back to the Evil Thesis of Doom...

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If anyone is having a bad day, or just wants to watch something joyously happy, check out this compilation of dancing in the movies!!! It's AMAZING. Also, FOOTLOOSE (kick off those Sunday shoes!).

Definitely a great way to spend my tea break from the dreaded chapters. And look at my icon, even Merlin approves!

UPDATE: Ok, annoyingly it won't embed because you have to watch it on youtube (it gives you the option to go to youtube if you try to watch the embed, don't worry), but I would highly recommend follow the link and watch it anyway :D


Mar. 17th, 2010 12:00 am
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Last updated April 14th, 2011.

Merlin Fanfiction

For the Good of the Kingdom — 12,650 words. A [ profile] glomp_fest fic for [ profile] giecast

Camelot FM Extra — 1,000 words.

Meeting the Minister — 3,592 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

School Nemeses (WIP) — 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Learning To Sew/Something To Hold On To (Gwen&Merlin friendship fics) — 1,400 words.

Of Shrimp and Stomach Rubs — 616 words.

Random Love and Menswear Extra — 1,200 words.

Destiny (the soggy part) — 921 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Red Window Frames — 7,234 words.

Of Dancing and Other Complications — 1,622 words.

First Kiss — 1,627 words.

A Story of Love and Menswear. Edited for Sap Clarity by Arthur Pendragon — 6,695 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Freely Given — 1,700 words.

A Slow Beginning — 849 words.

Wherein Merlin Isn't Jealous — 1,903 words.

A First Time For Everything — 1,470 words.

Camelot FM: The Lost Recordings — 2,080 words.

Hearing Voices — 1,230 words.

Letter to Isolda — 580 words.

Percy and the Midnight Quest — 8,900 words. [AOOO]

Of Princes, Pig Boys and Perfect Maidservants — 2,416 words. Promptfic.

     Karaoke Gang AU

Clouds In My Coffee — 1,895 words.

Perfect Fit — 2,184 words.

The Cure All — 1,800 words.

Summer Holiday — 4,087 words.

Percy the Legend — 3,512 words. [AOOO]

The Week The Sassy Pose Came To Camelot — 3,581 words.

Sea Voyage — 932 words. Promptfic.

Christmas Cracker Fic — 1,189 words.

The Journal of Geoffrey the Cat. Aged 3 years and 5 months — 1,822 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Clean — 1,053 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Merlin Emrys's Biggest Fan — 4,201 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Vigil — 686 words. Winner of [ profile] beyond_camelot's Swords & Magic challenge.

Lady Catherine Comes To Camelot — 3,400 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Torn Between Two Pressing Situations — 934 words. Promptfic.

Arthur's Map — 2,028 words. Same universe as Innovation.

Visions Of Half-Sleep — 1,174 words. Promptfic.

Innovation — 798 words. Promptfic. Prequel: Arthur's Map.

Walk Of Shame — 658 words. Promptfic.

Haircut — 393 words. Promptfic.

Dear Idiot — 5,278 words.

Past History — 1,292 words. [ profile] kinkme_merlin promptfic.

Waiting — 1,161 words.

     The Route To Advancement

1. The Route To Advancement — 4,394 words. [AOOO]

2. An Epilogue — 1,952 words. [AOOO]

3. A Day At The Tournament — 8,150 words. [AOOO]

4. A Most Unfortunate Hunt — 3,303 words. [AOOO]

Forsaking All Others — 5,941 words.

The Offer — 3,325 words.

Merlin Fanvids

What Hurts The Most

Accidentally In Love

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I've been whiling away a half hour watching all my old fanvideos, and I've decided to stick these two on my journal. Both were available on Youtube at various times, but due to The Cull, I think only one is still there. It's rather odd to be posting about something that isn't Merlin, but Doctor Who has been an obsession of mine for many years - when Merlin was still just a twinkle in Johnny Capps' eye. Put behind a cut because I don't want to hog anyone's Friend's Page :)

1) Donna Noble: Super Temp - set to She's A Lady by Tom Jones.

2) Song for Ten (& Nine) & Rose - set to Song for Ten by Neil Hannon

Read more... )
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So... it turns out I fail in many and varied ways at making angsty Merlin/Arthur videos.  This attempt is the result of a post by [ profile] writteninhaste  on MerlinxArthur suggesting 'What Hurts the Most' by Rascal Flatts for a video. 

Anyway it does have a vague sort of story. It's meant to follow on from episode 13. Arthur has realised Merlin is a sorceror and tells him to leave Camelot. So Merlin rides back to Ealdor and they both angst about not telling each other how they felt. Or something like that.  By the time my ancient version of Movie Maker had crashed for the 500th time this week the story had kind of become secondary to me weeping on the keyboard and threatening my laptop with blunt instruments if it didn't start co-operating for longer than 4 minutes at a time.

Also, I can't actually watch the uploaded video because my Laptop and Imeems do not agree, so please let me know if there's a problem with the link!

UPDATE: Apparently Imeems have removed ALL their fan videos so mine no longer exist *sob*.  If anyone would still like to see it however I have uploaded it to Megaupload and the link is
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HUMUNGOUS THANKS to Vensre for finding me somewhere to host this!!

UPDATE: This is also uploaded to Megaupload for download at

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