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Hello everyone, I just just dropping in because this needs to be linked and enjoyed by lots of people :)

A few weeks ago now, [ profile] fuluoliang commented on my Meeting the Minister story (the one where Merlin is the Minister for Magic and Arthur is the new Muggle PM) and asked if I'd mind them doing some art work for it. Obviously my response was PLEASE DO and they drew these absolutely adorable pieces of art, of Minister Merlin and his pocket watch and then (brace yourselves) Minister Merlin with shades of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. It really is beyond cute and I love it, seeing them has really cheered me up this evening. Please comment there (rather than here) if you love it too, so [ profile] fuluoliang will get to see it.

Minister Merlin and Prime Minister Arthur - cuteness alert!
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I am having a wonderful week for fandom!

Yesterday I linked to [ profile] madnessisreal's adorable chibi Merlin and Arthur, as drawn for [ profile] merlin_ficart, and then last night [ profile] pianeko posted her fill for the same fic, which is JUST AS AMAZING.

Amazingness here!

The style is just beautiful, and look at how grumpy Arthur is! :D Although how he could be grumpy when Merlin's earnest little face is right there, I do not know ;) This is a scene set just before the opening of the fic I am told, the part that makes poor Arthur think he had really, definitely, almost certainly had enough and was going to find Merlin and put his foot down (he absolutely was!). And we all know how THAT turned out.

I love the details here of the mirror, brush and comb all hard at work, and Arthur being so adorably unimpressed and knowing just who to blame :D All this artwork is making me wish I could actually draw stuff, instead of just tracing ineptly :(

I love both these fills so much!
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A while back, [ profile] merlin_ficart was looking for fic and art prompts and [ profile] vensre alerted me to the fact and suggested I prompt my Innovation fic (the one where Merlin meets Fantasia and there is an anthropomorphic comb). So I did and was lucky enough to have two people claim it for art.

Yesterday I discovered that a fill had already been posted, and that I somehow managed to miss it completely. So, I am linking it here because I think everyone should get to see the absolutely ADORABLE Merlin and Arthur fanart that [ profile] madnessisreal has done! I cannot stop grinning at little Merlin with his wizard hat (at a jaunty angle!) and his proud face when he summons the brooms to perform. And Arthur looking all unimpressed! AND THE COMB IS THERE TOO. I absolutely love it, and style suits the story so well :D :D

Adorable chibis this way!

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