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The Queen visits Salford to open the new BBC television centre, bringing to fruition decades of Dalek planning.

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On this night, in 1963, the very first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child aired on the BBC. Happy 48th Birthday Doctor Who!!! There will never be anything quite like you <3

Here's my two favourite vids covering over 40 years of the show <3

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All the wrap party vids from the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who are coming out and they are AMAZING. It's like looking back on the glory days <3 I loved RTD and Julie Gardener to bits and David Tennant and the whole crew.

First David and Catherine as Russell and Julie in a hilarious pastiche of Victoria Wood's famous 'Let's Do It' song.

And the full cast and crew singing to The Proclaimers!

I LOVE THEM ALL. I miss this cast and crew <3
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Thank you to everyone for all the sympathy. I'm feeling better tonight, after another wobbly morning. Cramps are sent by the devil, along with Piers Morgan and spiders.

ANYWAY, in better news I have a few links and a funny vid to share on this lovely Friday evening.

First, a couple of recs. These are both short fics by new Merlin authors and I really enjoyed them both and hope they will keep on writing in the fandom ::tempts them with Mini Thems holding chocolate::

Untitled Fic by [ profile] blondielox I hope she won't mind me linking this here since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that this is only their third fanfic posted, but I thought it was too lovely not to. It's a short Arthur introspection, set in canon era and with some gorgeous lines and description of his inner thoughts, all jumbled and overwhelming when it comes to a certain manservant. Also, pining!arthur will never not be adorable.

The First Dragonlord by [ profile] lewisian_gneiss and [ profile] jelazakazone. This has the summary 'How the first Dragon Lord came to be' and it is a short but haunting look into how the link between sorcerers and dragons might have begun. The imagery is beautiful and the style makes you think of myths and legend <3

Now for a couple of non-Merlin links and a funny Doctor Who video to finish!

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Sorry for all the post spam everyone, but I couldn't resist! My friend Michelle (who still lives up in North Wales) sent me this link of something that has mysteriously appeared on the King's Gate of Caernarfon Castle overnight...

Is that....?


Rumours of a man in a tweed jacket, bow-tie and fez lurking in Castle Ditch are so far unsubstantiated...

ps. Doctor, if you came to pick me up, YOU'RE A YEAR LATE. Bloody typical.

ETA. My friend Rich has been doing some looking into it and apparently the TARDIS is making a tour of Welsh castles or something - Caernarfon Herald article

A CADW spokesman said the arrival of the blue telephone box at Caernarfon follows a recent appearance at Raglan Castle.

He said BBC Wales and Cadw, the Welsh Governments historic environment service, have been working together over a number of series to provide Doctor Who with some unusual and unique historical filming locations, including Neath Abbey and Caerphilly Castle.
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One of the more fun starts to my day! If you like Doctor Who (and haven't heard this already), CLICK ON THIS LINK. It's Green Day's song 'Holiday' mixed with the Doctor Who theme tune, some sound clips from the show and the GLORIOUS 'Doctorin the Tardis' by The Timelords (I remember this played at many birthday parties and discos when I was little). The result works so well :D

Now back to work, because although I finished my corrections I apparently need to go back through and make sure my capitalisation is consistent in the footnotes. Sigh. It's not hard work, just annoyingly time-consuming. Then I am working later. Yay.

ETA: ok, so instead of working it is possible Ven and I are having FAR too much fun looking through [ profile] yavannauk's excellent set photos and making up silly captions for them :D :D So far we have had Bradley and Colin's pigtail pulling (complete with eye-rolling crew members), Arthur and Gwen's first Christmas card (with Merlin supposedly photoshopping in snowflakes but actually removing all of Arthur's hair), SASSY POSES, Angel and Bradley's power ballad pose, Arthur and horse doing DETERMINED FACES IN SYNC and now Angel knowing the colour of Katie's underwear (apparently). Also, man-with-apparently-stylish-hat-which-is-actually-a-script.

Right, now I really must get ready for work!
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Elisabeth Sladen has died??!!?

I'm still really hoping this is some sort of mix-up, but it's been tweeted by Doctor Who Magazine, the official BBC magazine of the series, so...

God, I do not know what to make of that. I adored Sarah Jane when I was growing up. She was the Doctor Who companion I really wanted to be. I have all her episodes on DVD, she was the first 'modern' companion for the Doctor and always the most popular, even after the new series started. She was voted most popular companion ever in Doctor Who Magazine a couple of years ago and I remember in her interview for it she was so shocked and flattered that people remembered her so fondly! Then when she came back in School Reunion, I was so happy to see her again.

ETA: Apparently it's been confirmed on BBC News. That's so horribly sad, a real end of an era for Doctor Who, and the passing of a really lovely lady.

There is a short obit here at the Doctor Who News Page.

There's also a lovely tribute from Russell T Davies HERE (audio clip)

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Just checking in to say hello and that I am a big fat FAIL for not posting anything properly this week. Mini Merlin and Arthur HAVE STUFF TO SAY DAMMIT. No really, they do! They want to reply to [ profile] sneakytoaster.

What I have to put up with.

However I am currently finishing off a Fic O’Doom (somehow they all end up becoming Fics of Doom) and although it is going fine it is just taking forever and apparently my brain cannot do Fandom Multitasking. Which is frustrating to say the least.

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Much Ado About Nothing is my FAVOURITE Shakespeare play, I am so excited by this! Though god knows if I will be able to afford to go and see it. I am just imagining Catherine Tate delivering the immortal line, "Scratching could not make it worse, an 'twere such a face as yours were." Best. Comeback. Ever.

Article on BBC News website about it.
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Just went to BBC iplayer to see if there was anything I might want to watch...

For ME???! BBC you are too generous!
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Hi everyone :) I am all moved into my new room, in my new flat, although some tears may have been shed when I had to leave my old place (officially, it was just some dust in my eye, and if anyone says differently, I shall deny it... Maybe.)

Anyway, I just want to mention [ profile] themadlurker's brilliant new Doctor Who commentfic meme, because there can never be enough DW comment fic, and now the series is over, we need something to fill the gap. I'm going to try to have a go myself, even though it's been ages since I've written anything but Merlin/Arthur! But my very first fanfic was Doctor Who (Fourth Doctor and Sarah) so how could I resist ;)

Waiting for the Doctor: a commentfic meme

Doctor Who!

Apr. 3rd, 2010 07:43 pm
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Beware spoilers ahead!

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I've been whiling away a half hour watching all my old fanvideos, and I've decided to stick these two on my journal. Both were available on Youtube at various times, but due to The Cull, I think only one is still there. It's rather odd to be posting about something that isn't Merlin, but Doctor Who has been an obsession of mine for many years - when Merlin was still just a twinkle in Johnny Capps' eye. Put behind a cut because I don't want to hog anyone's Friend's Page :)

1) Donna Noble: Super Temp - set to She's A Lady by Tom Jones.

2) Song for Ten (& Nine) & Rose - set to Song for Ten by Neil Hannon

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Here's the thing. I enjoy many TV shows, one of which happens to be Doctor Who.  I am however aware Doctor Who is FICTIONAL and that there are no 906 year old Time Lords knocking around earth and police public call boxes are just police public call boxes.  None of which explains why I spent about 20 minutes of my evening grinning like some demented loon at the sight of the TARDIS.  Yes that's right - a real actual TARDIS  

       Crap photo - but it says Caernarfon (and I felt proof was needed)

What actually happened was that I managed to get tickets to The Story of Doctor Who, a Q&A session with Julie Gardiner (executive producer), Ed Thomas (Production Designer), Euros Lyn (Director) and Barnaby Edwards (dalek operator) and that to add to the experience they had brought along a full sized TARDIS prop (which by the way is much bigger than it looks - and I don't mean just on the inside).  So frankly they could all go whistle for the first half of the night because I was weirdly transfixed by a real live Icon from my childhood.  Those lights! The yale lock! The little windows! (the wrong size apparently). Er...sorry...were people asking questions as well?  Later of course I dragged myself away to watch the trailer they showed for Planet of the Dead (the Easter special) along with Steven Moffat's message to us, that we should make sure we had a big enough sofa to hide behind come 2010...

At the end of the evening everyone was milling about and Julie and team were happily signing autographs. Did I elbow small children out of the way to get my autograph? Did I go up to Julie and ask probing and intelligent questions about production and the future of Doctor Who? Nope.  I posed for a photo by the TARDIS of course :) 
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I was thinking today about why making/enjoying fanfiction and fanvideos is often regarded as a bit... well... weird.  Take myself for example. I only discovered the world of fanfiction when I was at uni and finally had regular internet access and I can honestly say that my first thought (after, wow, why aren't some of these people published?) was hooray, an endless supply of stories about my favourite characters, tv shows, books and films. Since then I have read some truly amazing stories on everything from Harry Potter and Merlin to Narnia, Doctor Who and Tamora Pierce's 'Tortall' series.  Because that is the joy of fanfiction in my opinion. That long after the books are finished, or the series has been cancelled (RIP Firefly) or the film has been watched to death, you can still read about these characters and situations that you love. And there are no limitations of plot or budget; nor does it matter what the owners of these characters might actually have planned (i'm looking at YOU merlin scriptwriters). In fanfiction anything is possible, and with so many imaginations and voices and styles contributing, this really does mean that everything is possible. Every variation of story, every unexplored plotline, every background character can be given free rein.  I remember that within hours of the series four finale of Doctor Who being broadcast there were already tens of fics appearing online exploring what happened to Rose and the 'Other Doctor.'  The same goes for the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the many stories of the later lives of Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and every other character imaginable.

It took me quite a while to attempt any fanfiction of my own. Not because I thought it was sad but because, frankly, I wondered if I could possibly write anything as good as some of the stories I had already read. But I did in the end have a go. And that's the second brilliant thing about it. That anyone can write it, even me. And I have to admit that writing my first line for the Doctor felt rather amazing, like suddely being handed these characters that I already knew inside and out and being told I could do whatever I wanted with them (and the first thing I did was have the Fourth Doctor come back and get Sarah Jane because, damn it, i'm still not happy about that). 

So when people are derogatory about the world of fanfiction I can't help but feel a bit annoyed. The most common assumptions (in my experience) seem to be a) that you are a thwarted writer that yearns to be professional but is making do with fanfiction or b) that you are a terrifyingly obsessed fan with no life who actually believes these shows/book/films are REAL and can't function outside of this fictional world or c) that you have no friends and no hobbies.  Because I am a stubborn person I will often bring this up in conversation just to prove that I am NOT ashamed of it (in a kind of "hi, i'm John/Sarah/whoever, nice to meet you"... "hi, i'm Sally, I write fanfiction and make youtube videos so if you'd like to back away, I suggest you take this opportunity" kind of way).  Because, quite honestly, I have no overweening desire to publish a great novel, I have (i hope) a pretty good grip on reality and have never thought that that bloke from One Foot in the Grave was Court Physician to King Uther Pendragon in a past life, nor do I lack 'better things to do with my time' or friends to do them with. I just choose to write fanfiction and to make fan videos because I enjoy it.  And whenever I get the usual looks and comments I take comfort in the fact that I know there are thousands of intelligent, creative, passionate and BALANCED people out there who feel exactly the same way! 

First Post

Jan. 16th, 2009 05:06 pm
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As I now have a Livejournal account I thought I should probably post something about myself on here – for those rare occasions when someone might actually have a look at my page! And you never know, maybe this will be the beginning of regular postings (I’ve never had a blog or anything similar before so it might take a bit of getting used to)

Anyway, about me… I am slightly obsessed with Doctor Who (that sound you hear is the sound of everyone who knows me falling over laughing at my use of the word ‘slightly’ there). I am also getting to be rather obsessed with Merlin. This one kind of crept up on me. I started watching the show because, hey, it was a Saturday night and what was I supposed to do now Doctor Who had finished – go out? I resisted pretty well for the first few weeks, saying such pretentious things as ‘well it’s good I suppose but what about historical accuracy? Why doesn’t Uther get suspicious of letting mysterious strangers stay at his court every week? (I mean, seriously, EVERY WEEK. Remember how this panned out last Saturday Uther?). But by about week 4 I was forced to admit that I couldn’t give a flying crap about accuracy (my knowledge of Arthurian history tends to end at Monty Python and the Holy Grail anyway) and that I was completely in love with Merlin, Arthur, Gaius and the Eyebrow of Significant Plot Development, Uther and his trusting nature, Morgana and her fab dresses, Gwen, the Dragon – heck I even ‘oooohed’ and ‘ahhhhhhed’ at the gorgeous castle.

And then about a month ago I discovered the world of Merlin fanfiction and was hopelessly ensnared, especially the wonderful Arthur and Merlin stuff that’s out there. I’m not usually one for noticing couples-who-aren’t-intended-to-be-couples in tv shows but even I could not miss the glaringly obvious subtext slight hints every week about Arthur and his manservant. So far my only contribution (apart from a ridiculous amount of time spent reading back through 6 months of stories) is a video to Accidentally in Love about the two of them which I had FAR too much fun making. I tend to work on my videos in the livingroom with earphones in and in this case I was extra annoying to everyone else by laughing out loud every 2 minutes. I think I’d forgotten, until I started looking for them, just how many funny Merlin and Arthur moments there were. Although I think my favourite will forever be Merlin nearly decapitating the Crown Prince with a sword in a rather over-enthisiastic welcome (see The Moment of Truth for those who don’t know what i’m talking about). I may attempt some fanfiction as well at some point, I have a few ideas but the stuff on here is just so good. Watch this space!

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