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I was going to be snarky and everything as usual but... IS THAT COURTNEY COX??


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Tonight, Windswept is keeping things vague.



Presumably she used to be a cowboy called Bob.
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Sorry for the delay everyone! The last few days have been a bit crummy.

Tonight, Windswept brings you Excellent Dating Advice.



At least not when you're on a date with danger, because that shit's just rude.
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Tonight - a nautical mystery!



Shit. Maybe she saw the itinerary? Those mystery cruises are pretty hardcore.
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Tonight we are... mostly confused.


I have no idea. Is 'mysterious' a euphemism for 'British'? Because I think we've all felt that way, Marion, you don't have to spare our feelings.
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Tonight, we bring you EXAGGERATION.


Between the girl in the stunning orange ensemble, John McEnroe, the wardrobe, the clothes AND fear and death, that's one of the least empty attics I have ever seen.
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Tonight, Windswept Mystery Romance launches its Epic Understatement series


Pretty sure if I was 'left in the desert to die' and forced to begin 'a deadly struggle for survival', I would call it something worse than a 'lost holiday' (and I'd be looking a hell of a lot more pissed off about it, and less like I'd just missed my bus).
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I can't lie, this is pretty much my reaction any time someone knocks on my front door.
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In my eternal quest for bad book covers, I have discovered Windswept Mystery Romance - putting the 'mystery' into cover design.

I keep finding new ones, so instead of posting them all at once I thought I would post one a day. I shall call these posts 'WTAF Is Going On In These Books Does Anyone Know Because I Don't.'

Ahem. Book one, for your enjoyment <3


Okay, one, I was not aware the past was silvery, I thought of it more as a nostalgic soft focus gold. Two, I am concerned about it crying out hauntingly, unless it's reminding me I left the iron on or something, in which case carry on. Three, a carnival horse appears to have gatecrashed the cover for no discernible reason, BUT IT IS SILVER.

Answers on a postcard please!
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When illustrating the cover of a novel, most people attempt to recreate a scene or draw something symbolic enough to sum up the book's major themes. And other people think PFFT. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ THIS CRAP.

Welcome to the worst offenders I could find XD

What it looks like it’s about: A glamorous woman from the 1970s time travels to the 1840s via a dress shop in 1812. There she meets a dark Byronic hero who's really upset about something. Also a house is on fire.

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As you know, I love finding amusing book covers and being snarky about them (see my 'cover snark' tag for evidence). Anyway, I decided to try romance novels this time and, as you will see, I have learned much about that all important genre.

I learned that back in the Old Days (actual historical term), romance novels were innocent and unsullied by the low thoughts of the Modern Age.

Also there's a clown. I don't know why either.

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Nabbed from Google Images for your Sunday amusement <3

No way dude. Not until I know what the deal is with those piglets.

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I am planning to mock some more old book covers and titles at some point (see my previous one here) because I have too much fun finding them, but today I wanted to briefly share the joys of gender stereotyping that I discovered along the way.

First of all, I discovered that boys have awesome adventures!

If that's not awesome I don't know what is.

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Some silliness to cheer up Ven! All genuine 1960s and 1970s child and young adult book covers, many of which I read (I was pony mad as a child).

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