Feb. 11th, 2012 10:31 pm
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Look what @CKennedyPR posted on twitter from the Irish Film Awards tonight! Original link here

Looking gorgeous there, Mr Morgan, apart from your creepy Terminator eye.

Parked Q&A

Nov. 7th, 2011 07:43 pm
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psst. PARKED Q&A WRITE UP! Over at [ profile] seenthewoods's journal :D
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I got the new Empire Magazine today because I wanted to send their Lord of the Rings tenth anniversary special over to Ven. Anyway I spotted Parked in the review section! And then I thought that other people might like to read the interview with the hobbits so I have scanned that in too.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday <3

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Aug. 22nd, 2011 07:29 pm
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Awww! Look at what Mark Gatiss just tweeted! How is he so cute? Er... I mean Colin. Although Mark Gatiss is great too ;)

Slotted in a quick visit to my lovely old pal Colin Morgan on the Merlin set. Wizard!

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I thought I should finally do my Island post, since I was talking about it just last night AND I’ve finished my bibliography corrections today (whoever thought it was a good idea to have a 37 page bibliography is a MUPPET, just saying, and yes, I do know it was me).

SPOILERS AHEAD, and some scans.

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Good morning all! I was just flicking through the Radio Times and I spotted a good episode of Time Team on tonight on channel 4 at 5.30. It seems to be a repeat (although I haven't seen it before) and they're visiting the Isle of Mull! So could be fun for Island fans :D Not to mention it looks like a fascinating dig.

RT says Tony Robinson and the team descend upon the Isle of Mull to investigate what may be one of the earliest chapels in Scotland. The dig turns out to be arguably one of the most rewarding and revealing in the history of the programme. It sheds new light on a lost period of Scottish history, discovers an unknown monastery, and remarkably uncovers the remains of a lost saint.

You don't get a much more exciting Time Team than that! I bet Phil will be bouncing with joy if he's there <3
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Tonight, Matthew, I plan to sleep and awake to Bradley James doing the Macarena. MAKE IT SO, UNIVERSE.

ps. Is he auditioning, do we think? Is this like a showcase of his talent for future employers? WTF is going on?!

pps. I now have a reference point for him saying the word 'Percy' - not sure if he said canon Sir P's name at the end of series 3, I mostly skimmed, but this is all most helpful for future fic imaginings ;)


Apr. 28th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I didn't even like the first pics from this photoshoot that much, BUT I LIKE THIS ONE. It looks more like Colin somehow <3

Still from fyeahcolinmorgan.tumblr. Original from THAT Magazine Tumblr Video
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This is an entry of bits and pieces. First of all, I wanted to pimp this,

As always, I hope people with friends and relatives in Japan have heard good news. My brother is still in Tokyo but he's safe and in contact via the wonders of the Internet.

I've been keeping myself occupied the past few days with various things. Notably I have set up a Twitter AND a Tumblr! My Tumblr is here, and will probably be filled with the same sort of randomness as my journal, with a heavy slant towards Merlin/Arthur of course :D The background picture and the banner are both the work of Ven <3 Also, there is one NSFW fanart over there, just in case anyone is at work!

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I have such a cool brother. He's at the Expo in London this weekend (he writes for an anime website) and, because he is lovely, he went to the Merlin panel for me and then text me throughout with news.

So I now know that,

 - Lancelot is back in series 2.

 - Arthur and Gwen's romance will start, or move along, or something.  Like I care. (frankly i was LESS HAPPY about this and more happy about the next one)

 - There will be more shirtless Arthur

 - There will be a cartoon series.

 - There will be some novels.

 - Merlin and Gwen become Morgana's chief confidants (but their friendship 'will be tested')

 - There will be more Mordred and more about Excalibur.

 - Colin and Bradley have linked their Nintendo's wirelessly (or something, i'm not good with computer stuff) and play Nintendo DS Super Mario Karts against each other in between filming apparently. Colin said he always won, Bradley disagreed. Or as my brother put it.. "the Merlin one said he always won the games but the blonde one kept shaking his head."

 - Bradley spent some time filming the crowd at the expo.

I think I need to buy him a drink (or three).  Also I think he was a little scared by the fangirls....

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