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Oh my god I think I just broke something laughing.

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas

And I don't even know who Kenny Loggins is! Seriously, if you want to read the most moving and inspiring nativity story ever, THIS IS IT.

(Disclaimer: I may have exaggerated the seriousness of this nativity story. Possibly it's more 'pee yourself laughing' than 'weep with pure emotion'. Just warning you.)

In other news, I bought myself a ticket to go and see Colin's play in February! This is verging on crazy sponteneity for me. I'm thinking of it as a post-thesis treat :)

Forgot to add! I was just watching the coverage of President Obama signing the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell into law, and then the White House 'It Gets Better' video. Such a great thing to see :D :D

Coverage from Jezebel
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Going to the Christmas Market in Bath. JESUS IT IS COLD OUT THERE. I have been staying in working every day since forever and have admired the snow but failed to appreciate that the UK seems to have entered a mini Ice Age. I spent my time at the Christmas Market trying to wrap my scarf around my entire face and drinking hot chocolate through the gaps.

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