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I’ve had such a lovely day today! I went to London to meet up with my friend Joanne (we met on our very first day as undergraduates), had a delicious dinner and loooong chat, then got to meet up with [ profile] seenthewoods too before we went off to see ‘Fast Girls’, Bradley’s new film, in a gorgeous old cinema in Notting Hill Gate.

Spoilers ahoy for the film!

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Looooook! Bradley's going to be in a film! And it sounds like one of those heart warming British underdog type films, like Bend it Like Beckham or Billy Elliot. Apparently it has Noel Clarke (Mickey in Doctor Who) and Lenora Critchlow (Annie from Being Human) in it and it's about a women's team training for the London Olympics. I'm so excited to see him in something new!
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I have such a cool brother. He's at the Expo in London this weekend (he writes for an anime website) and, because he is lovely, he went to the Merlin panel for me and then text me throughout with news.

So I now know that,

 - Lancelot is back in series 2.

 - Arthur and Gwen's romance will start, or move along, or something.  Like I care. (frankly i was LESS HAPPY about this and more happy about the next one)

 - There will be more shirtless Arthur

 - There will be a cartoon series.

 - There will be some novels.

 - Merlin and Gwen become Morgana's chief confidants (but their friendship 'will be tested')

 - There will be more Mordred and more about Excalibur.

 - Colin and Bradley have linked their Nintendo's wirelessly (or something, i'm not good with computer stuff) and play Nintendo DS Super Mario Karts against each other in between filming apparently. Colin said he always won, Bradley disagreed. Or as my brother put it.. "the Merlin one said he always won the games but the blonde one kept shaking his head."

 - Bradley spent some time filming the crowd at the expo.

I think I need to buy him a drink (or three).  Also I think he was a little scared by the fangirls....

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