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I hate my car. HAAAAAAAATE IT.

My car had run out of screenwash, so I popped the bonnet, topped it up and in the process noticed that my anti-freeze was REALLY low, like about an inch and a half below the recommended minimum. I told my dad this and went on the internet to find out if it can be topped up/what with etc, the whole time with dad wittering on at me: did I take my car for its 6 month service? (no because I had no money), don't I think it should have gone for a service before now? (yes, but I had no money), I need to look after my car better! (see previous answers), driving without proper coolant is really bad! (yes, I know this now Dad).

So, finally the internet tells me that you have to have very specific anti-freeze for your car type and also mentions that it shouldn't run out between services. Or something. It might be a leak in the system, and anyway no-one will give me a lift to a Halfords to get some more anti-freeze. By this point I am both confused and a bit panicked so I thought "fuck it", I phoned the museum and cancelled tomorrow because it's a good 50 mile round trip - which made me feel terrible because I am on my own on a Friday and they're going to be stuck, even though they were lovely about it - and then I called the garage and booked my car in for a full service this coming Tuesday.

I told my dad this and got (wait for it) "Why did you go and do that? All you had to do was top it up!" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

Basically I just had a rage-cry in my bedroom, mostly because I hate feeling like I've done all the wrong things and been an idiot when I was trying to do things properly :(
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Loooooooooooook at this gorgeous looking trailer for drama on the BBC in 2013 - I spy Luther and Sherlock and Doctor Who and The White Queen and Death Comes To Pemberley and Quirke (yay Colin!) and that new drama with John Simm set over the course of 100 years in a small village. It's times like these when I am so relieved we actually have the BBC :D

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Eventually, somehow, I am going to stop finding this gif so hilarious. I'm not sure when it will happen, but it has to happen sometime, right??? RIGHT? We're not even talking a smile, we're talking uncontrollable giggle fits and dribbling tea down chin.

creepy cat
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Today is National Libraries Day, so let's celebrate with this beautiful and poignant quote from Caitlin Moran's piece in The Times (available to read for free, as is fitting, HERE)

Everything I am is based on this ugly building on its lonely lawn--lit up during winter darkness; open in the slashing rain--which allowed a girl so poor she didn't even own a purse to come in twice a day and experience actual magic: traveling through time, making contact with the dead--Dorothy Parker, Stella Gibbons, Charlotte Brontë, Spike Milligan.

A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination. On a cold, rainy island, they are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen, instead. A human with a brain and a heart and a desire to be uplifted, rather than a customer with a credit card and an inchoate "need" for "stuff." A mall--the shops--are places where your money makes the wealthy wealthier. But a library is where the wealthy's taxes pay for you to become a little more extraordinary, instead. A satisfying reversal. A balancing of the power.

Amen to that <33333
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I promise I am not turning into the internet cat-loving stereotype, but I saw this on tumblr and could not resist.

cute kitten

Happy Sunday :)
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Someone just posted a link to this on twitter and I had to share it. It's a link to a tumblr full of 'real life fairytales' or famous books and it's just beautiful. Each story is represented by an eight panel picspam and there's everything there from the Disney classics to The Nutcracker, The Secret Garden and Nightmare Before Christmas. Half the fun for me was trying to guess the story from the pictures before I scrolled down enough to see the title :)

Fairy Tale graphics

Teen Wolf

Jan. 1st, 2013 10:57 pm
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I'm hoping this will work on my phone! Does anyone know of any Teen Wolf fics set in or around restaurants?? It's for someone on twitter but I know I have a few TW fans here on my flist. Any recs would be much appreciated!

Happy new year to you. As soon as LJ works on my computer, I will update 1066andallthat.

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Dec. 24th, 2012 09:04 pm
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I never ever thought I would say this, but that episode of Merlin was everything I've wanted the show to be since I first started watching it in 2008. Thank you for FINALLY getting it right and breaking my heart in the process, PTB.

Love all you guys, thanks for some amazing times (and times still to come I am sure) <333333333333
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Tonight's entry is both gross and interesting :D

A brain-removal tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers has been discovered lodged in the skull of a female mummy that dates back around 2,400 years. The instrument would have been inserted through a hole punched into the ethmoid bone near the nose. "Some parts [of the brain] would be wrapped around this stick and pulled out, and the other parts would be liquefied," Čavka said.

The Egyptian mummy could then be put on its abdomen and the liquid drained through the nose hole. "It is an error that [the] embalmers left this stick in the skull," said Čavka, adding the tool may have broken apart during the procedure.

This embalming accident, unfortunate for the ancient mummy, has provided researchers with a very rare artifact. Čavka's team point out in a paper they published recently in the journal RSNA RadioGraphics the only other brain-removal stick found inside a mummy's skull dates back 2,200 years.

See the picture here!
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Maybe only one for the Brits on my flist, but someone just posted this on twitter and it is surely the best mistake EVER.

dad's army


Dec. 5th, 2012 09:00 pm
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Because I've had a pants day and I know a lot of people are having a stressy time of it lately, LET US HUG IT OUT.



Enjoy some cute pictures of animals and amusing vids <3

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So, we all heard the news today that Merlin has been cancelled. Although we all saw it coming, it was still weird to have it confirmed and I was so busy discussing it on twitter and reading people's posts that it only just occurred to me that there were a few others I should probably mention it to. I wasn't looking forward to it, especially when I found Mini Arthur happily dictating his Christmas cards.


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psst. I started following a tumblr called 'Real Tudor Confessions' because, well, it said 'Tudor' and I thought it would be fun.

I'm starting to question my life choices after this popped up on my dash o_O WHERE TO EVEN START. Also, is it me or does sitting-down-lady look like she's got a migraine and the other woman will shortly be wearing that lute as a hat??

Tudor confessions
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A huge ginormous HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] a8c_sock, even though she (like me) hates birthdays and wishes they'd make like Moriarty and just DIE.

But even though she hates birthdays, I'm still going to say Happy Birthday and thank you for being such a truly lovely, funny and scarily knowledgeable friend!

mavis happy birthday ecard
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In honour of National Poetry Day, here's one of my favourite parts of the Anne of Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I remember reading this part for the first time and realising how true it was and how often you do see the soul of a poem, even if the words themselves are never written.

"Look do you see that poem?" Anne said suddenly, pointing.

"Where?" Jane and Diana stared, as if expecting to see Runic rhymes on the birch trees.

"There. . .down in the brook. . .that old green, mossy log with the water flowing over it in those smooth ripples that look as if they'd been combed, and that single shaft of sunshine falling right athwart it, far down into the pool. Oh, it's the most beautiful poem I ever saw."

"I should rather call it a picture," said Jane. "A poem is lines and verses."

"Oh dear me, no." Anne shook her head with its fluffy wild cherry coronal positively. "The lines and verses are only the outward garments of the poem and are no more really it than your ruffles and flounces are you, Jane. The real poem is the soul within them . . .and that beautiful bit is the soul of an unwritten poem. It is not every day one sees a soul. . .even of a poem."

What are your favourite poems? My very favourite is 'Lines Composed In A Wood On A Windy Day' by Anne Bronte, with honourable mention to The Mad Professor's Daughter (a children's poem but one that has always stayed with me!).
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Hey everyone! I've just finished all my work for the day so I thought I would do a quick LJ post and see how everyone is. I have two tunes for you too! I've been on a bit of a radio odyssey this week - mostly of Nick Grimshaw's new breakfast show on Radio One. I'm not really a regular radio listener but I like Grimmy (as he is known) and his terrible George Michael karaoke attempt has become my instant cheer-up vid these past couple of weeks so I wanted to give it a go. Anyway, I have been enjoying it so much and discovering lots of chart music. I am horribly out of touch with new music :D I am also developing a ridiculous crush on Grimmy, BUT ANYWAY.

I have two of my new tunes here, one is 'Teenage Icon' by The Vaccines which is really fun, the other is one I found via tumblr - 'Hey Lonely' by a group called Moonlight Social (v different to Teenage Icon). Hope you enjoy them!

Happy Thursday!
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A disgruntled Merlin fan's letter has made Letter Of The Week in Radio Times!


Really don't think PR is Merlin's area IN GENERAL.

ps. What's with that photo caption?? o_O
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I was going to be snarky and everything as usual but... IS THAT COURTNEY COX??



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