Apr. 28th, 2013

magog_83: (BUNNY)
The shameful moment you discover your 11 year old self's diary and all your delusions about being a young Anne Shirley disappear into the ether.

“Today I had Tech. I finished my fabric roll. I told Becky I fancied Gary and she spread it. I hate her, she said it doesn’t matter. It seems I’ll never be happy”

“Today we had Tech. I hired out a book called Hitler”

“Today we did the play and Gary wrote in my notepad. I framed his writing”

“Today Kim brought Toby the dog round and he weed on the kitchen floor. Me and Kim went for a walk”

“Today I made some biscuits. They were like glue but they tasted ok”

“Today I dropped my dinner all over the floor. I wish I wasn’t such a pratt and more like kim still I am what I am”

“Today we had art. I’m doing a jungle picture. So far I have drawn 1 plant and a tiger’s head”

“I spose you must get fed up of me waffling on about boys, diary, but if you had the choice of boys we have you would too (damn i’ve run out of space)”

“Today I watched a new tv series called Sharpe. A young boy was hanged for stealing a chicken!!! Thats so wrong”

“Today I hired out My Girl 2. I am in love with Austin O’Brien, he is so lush”

“Today I had tech, I saw Adam on the way back and tried to walk normly but slipped over :(“

“Today I jumped Molly. I turned her for the jump and she cantered really fast but this time I was expecting it and over she went. I jumped about 6 times. bye”

“Today I forgot my daps for games”

“I think my eye infection is clearing up”

Oh dear.

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