Mar. 7th, 2013

magog_83: (BUNNY)
I hate my car. HAAAAAAAATE IT.

My car had run out of screenwash, so I popped the bonnet, topped it up and in the process noticed that my anti-freeze was REALLY low, like about an inch and a half below the recommended minimum. I told my dad this and went on the internet to find out if it can be topped up/what with etc, the whole time with dad wittering on at me: did I take my car for its 6 month service? (no because I had no money), don't I think it should have gone for a service before now? (yes, but I had no money), I need to look after my car better! (see previous answers), driving without proper coolant is really bad! (yes, I know this now Dad).

So, finally the internet tells me that you have to have very specific anti-freeze for your car type and also mentions that it shouldn't run out between services. Or something. It might be a leak in the system, and anyway no-one will give me a lift to a Halfords to get some more anti-freeze. By this point I am both confused and a bit panicked so I thought "fuck it", I phoned the museum and cancelled tomorrow because it's a good 50 mile round trip - which made me feel terrible because I am on my own on a Friday and they're going to be stuck, even though they were lovely about it - and then I called the garage and booked my car in for a full service this coming Tuesday.

I told my dad this and got (wait for it) "Why did you go and do that? All you had to do was top it up!" ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

Basically I just had a rage-cry in my bedroom, mostly because I hate feeling like I've done all the wrong things and been an idiot when I was trying to do things properly :(

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